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Transformers Masterpiece Toys MP-34 Beast Wars Cheetor

Transformers Masterpiece Toys MP-34 Beast Wars Cheetor Action Figure by Takara/Tomy . Due Jan 2017

The Giants Takara/tomy  presents this  new addition to their Masterpiece range of Toys/Collectables. The MP-34 Cheetor is based on the Transformers  Beast Wars series ! The figure is highly articulated comes with  weapons and accessories & is nicely colored like the original Cheetor .

Expect the same top quality craftsmanship ,stunning design & intricate details we have all learnt to expect from Takara’s Transformers Masterpiece line of Toys.

Transformation for the MP-34 Cheetor is fairly simple and can be completed in a few steps.The Transformers Masterpiece Toys Range is a toy-line primarily focused on the collector market.
The Toys are modern day revamps of the much loved Autobot’s & Decepticon’s characters based on the original G1 Transformers from the cartoon series in the 80’s

The Toys are manufactured with today’s advanced engineering techniques.And the end products is a slick highly collectable ,fully articulated ,transformable Masterpiece version of many of the Classic G1 characters.

Please note these are not just toys and are generally quite expensive.They should be kept away from children at all times due to the fragile pricey nature of products.If you keep the Transformers Masterpiece line of Toys Mint in Box & in very good condition , they generally increase in value.Making them Great Investment Opportunity’s.

Though the Masterpiece line is largely developed  & designed by Takara/TakaraTomy for the the Japanese market in mind .The line is also distributed by Hasbro in Asian markets outside Japan, and in Australia as Target and Toys”R”Us exclusives.

Hasbro has have also redecorated/retooled molds from this line of toys  for release in their own markets under Store Exclusives.





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