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Star Wars Replica 1/1 Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet

Star Wars Replica 1/1 Scale Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet.

Star Wars Episode IV Replica 1/1 Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet Standard Ver.

Utilising the best features of the various helmets made for the Classic Star Wars trilogy, this new design has the following new features:

Gloss black ABS construction.Distinctive asymmetry, an artefact of the hand-sculpted screen-used Imperial Stormtrooper pieces created for the original production of 1977’s STAR WARS? EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE, with replicated hand-painted style decoration.

– Flat silver lenses for optimum visibility.
– Aesthetic details replicated from existing artefacts.
– Assembled and finished helmet that’s ready to wear out of the box.
– Adjustable helmet padding to accommodate most head sizes up to US size 8

This stunning Star Wars Replica 1/1 Shadow Stormtrooper is due Dec 2016.

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