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Chandler Riggs Leaving The Walking Dead

Chandler Riggs Leaving The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs reveals he’s going to college, so of course that means rumours abound that Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on ‘The Walking Dead’, could be off! So is Chandler Riggs Leaving The Walking Dead???

Not only has he been accepted into college but his 7 year contract has also ran out! NOOOOOOOOOO….. Fans have always moaned about what Carl gets up to on The Walking Dead, yet it canot be denied how vital the character is to the show. Maybe less complaining, eh fans??

Whist The Walking Dead is a show that hinges on the premise that any one character can bite the bullet at any given time, there’s still a couple exceptions to that rule. Like Jon Snow on Game of Thrones [touch wood], Carl should come into that category.

Fans of the show found a tweet from Chandler’s Dad that added fuel to the fire. We are not saying anything but it would suggest the kid is gonna focus on something else.

However…there is light at the end of the tunnel it seems. Some internet sleuth found a post from his mum on Instragram. Mrs Riggs suggests we are all getting our knickers in a twist for nothing and any photos or captions and hashtags shared by Wiliam Riggs were just a father celebrating the fact that his son, a child actor had completed a long, tough 7 year contract!!

In other words Internet. Calm DOWN! 🙂

On a parting note and which may cause further anxiety to fandom, its not unheard of that succesful actors and characters from successful shows go on to bigger and brighter things. Emilia Clarke, Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones just landed a role in Han Solo. Jon Bernthal who played Shane and was killed in season 2 is now the Punisher in NetFlix’s Marvel shows. Michael Rooker aka Merle Dixon in Walking Dead is Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and now also GotG 2. It wasn’t that long ago that Chandler Riggs was linked to audition for the new Sony / Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming. So watch this space :-), the kid will get spnapped up eventually 🙂