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The ALIEN COVENANT First Trailer is absolutely rocking mental! Seriously, it looks intense and brutal in some of the sequences from the trailer. Covenant also looks creepy, violent, scary, moody and did we mention tense?

Everyone will hear you scream at the ALIEN COVENANT First Trailer, its probably NSFW, at least not with sound on for the first trailer from Ridley Scott for the new movie. As its the sequel to Prometheus, this movie brings the prequel closer to the events of the original Alien film. People will be talking for a few days about which scene in the trailer looks the coolest!

Our characters face a rough landing on a strange planet, which comes with ominous and deadly wildlife and plenty of nasty creepy Aliens in all shapes and sizes. And as we know these Aliens are not of the Kryptonian variety that want to help humanity :-). Yet we dont actually see ALL of the Aliens. A creeping hand, a slithering tail but nothing that looks like the Alien from previous movies.

Just the pace the trailer plays out and REALLY captures your attention make you think the full movie will be well worth watching. Alien Covenant looks more like Aliens and is the antithesis of Prometheus.

Enjoy! and read more commentary.