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Top 10 X Video Game Trailers for 2017 – PS4 , Xbox 1,PC

 Top 10 X Most Anticipated Video Games for 2017 – PS4, Xbox 1,PC

Video Games Coming out in 2017 are going to rock your world !! Here we have compiled 10 x Official Video Game Trailers that are going to be HUGE in 2017.Included in the list are Injustice 2 ,Walking Dead,Resident Evil 7,Prey ,Horizon Zero Dawn,Halo Wars 2,Mass Effect,Escape from Tarkov,Sniper Ghost Warrior 3,The Battalion 1944  & Watch Dogs 2.

Don’t waste your Hard earned cash on Lousy games.We have done all the homework for you and highly recommend all the Games Featured below.

#10 – Injustice 2: is the super-powered sequel to the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us, that allows players to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite Super Heroes.Battle it out with Superman,Flash,Green Lantern,Batman,Wonder Woman,Red Hood and many others. Developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment



#9 – The Walking Dead: A New Frontier : is an episodic graphic adventure game based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series developed by Telltale Games.



#8 – Prey : Is about an alien-infested space station. Badass weapons and powers. And you fight your way through the deadly Typhon aliens as Morgan Yu while unraveling the mysteries behind the infestation and your own identity  in this awesome sci-fi thriller from Arkane Studios.



#7 Horizon Zero Dawn – In a world where Machines dominate the earth and mankind lives on in primitive tribal societies, one woman sets out to find her destiny among the remnants of the ancient past. As Aloy, you must brave the Machine-infested wilderness and unearth secrets that lie buried deep within the earth. Will you embrace your calling… or pass into oblivion unsung?



#6 – Halo Wars 2 – This  real-time strategy game makes an explosive return to the Halo Universe with Halo Wars 2. Lead armies of Spartans and other Halo fighting forces like Warthogs, Scorpions and exciting new units in a brutal war against a terrifying new enemy. Featuring campaign, multiplayer modes.



#5 Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.



#4 – Escape from Tarkov  – Escape From Tarkov is a “hardcore story-driven MMO” that takes place in the Russian city of Tarkov, which for some reason has been sealed off by the authorities and is now a ruined battleground overrun by private military companies and local raiders. It combines elements of shooters and RPGS.



#3 – Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Brothers : Set in a modern day conflict based in Eastern Europe, players in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will be thrust into the role of a sniper caught between three warring factions, played out in a realistic and immersive environment.



#2 – Battalion 1944  –  Battalion 1944 is an upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter video game to be published by Square Enix and released for Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.



#1 – Watch Dogs 2  – Watch Dogs 2 is an open world action adventure third person shooter video game developed and published by Ubisoft.Watch the first ever look into the new Watch Dogs 2. Set in the birthplace of the tech revolution, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Watch Dogs 2 explores a new reality where an interconnected city and network of personal devices are used to control and manipulate citizens.



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