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This Man Built An Iron Man Suit In Real Life

We're getting close to an IRL Iron Man suit

Posted by NowThis Future on lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

In Real Life Iron Man suit #Ironman

In Real Life Iron Man suit

Someone has built an In Real Life Iron Man suit. Just needs a computer control assisted armored carbon fiber exoskeleton in helping manage the jet thrusters ….Iron man !! Ok, it is not quite there may be regarding a full In Real Life Iron Man suit. But the Wright brothers did not fly on their first try either. At least the fella is trying, right? Also, there is no Jarvis like artificial intelligence helping the pilot here.

Nothing can come close to Iron Man’s suit. It might be possible to build the flight tech, but the power is going to be a major problem. Somebody needs to invent the Arc Reactor first. Once he can go supersonic, has a full blown suit that is practically an arsenal of badass weaponry and has a highly advanced AI, then you can call him Iron Man. For now, he’s just a dude testing a personalized jetpack. Still cool though.

Does anyone remember when Captain Kirk would flip open his communicator to call the Enterprise? Yeah, that was 1969. The actual flip phone showed up approximately 30 years later. Propulsion systems like this, we’re only a matter of time. Without massive improvements in personal armor, it’s useless as anything combat related. They’ve done variations for years, but they’re so noisy that it makes you a bullet magnet.

We saw a video of an exoskeleton that could multiply your strength and stability somewhere on the Internet, add that to this invention to your body and you are ready to go. MARK I Iron Man in the making.

A company in China made In Real Life Iron Man suit also but without the flight capability, looks good though!


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