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Lexus Hoverboard will bring you Back to the Future !!

Lexus Hoverboard will bring you Back to the Future !!

Lexus Hoverboard is here .The luxury automobile group, ever-known for its impeccable manufacture in flashy cars, and now, more recently, for going above and beyond societal expectations, and defying odds. Lexus is proving to their loyal audience, and a few new followers, that they are cutting edge in the transportation industry, challenging tradition, while proving that there is no such thing as impossible.

Lexus Hoverboard

In a continuous pursuit to invent and improve, Lexus has set out to:

Do What has never been done before”
With the introduction of the Lexus Hoverboard slide, real-life Epic Heroes are giving The Jetson’s a run for their money – Oh, and here you thought we would mention time travel – Not yet, my friends, but don’t be dismissive of the possibility…

The technology behind this board is innovative and challenging existing beliefs about the possibilities in the automotive and technology industries. It’s a “futuristic” development, that wouldn’t be possible without the amazing design of this product , who don’t accept limits, and continue to think outside the box, to see what they can achieve.

How do they do it?
You’ve heard of fuel-efficient, hybrid cars that use electricity, and these serve as a step in the right direction for a greener planet. Alternatively, we have non-emission modes of transportation that are independent of fuel and electricity, and instead rely on kinetic energy to keep them in motion, for example, bikes, and, more closely related, skateboards. What’s impressive about the Lexus Hoverboard Slide, is that does not require an energy source, whatsoever.

To recap – where automobiles require chemical energy (non-renewable energy source), hybrid cars require electricity (renewable energy source) and skateboards run on kinetic energy (renewable energy source generated by your own body), the Lexus Slide requires Zero Energy. In other words, there is no energy draw on this fascinating mode of transportation, and it is completely run on magnetic conductors, meaning that the hoverboard just slides, and there is no energy source required to propel it forward, not even a push off with your left foot!

Although not 100% perfect yet, it is the only, true hoverboard we have that doesn’t require energy, and more importantly doesn’t touch the ground – anywhere! Pretty impressive – although, we must be honest and note that there is still some wavering with the revolutionary design, when substantial body weight is added on top of the board. Once in a while, you will notice that the Slide will hit the ground, as it enters into some turbulence, during intense movement.

How does it work?
There is a big, lengthy, scientific explanation of how this thing operates, and it was developed by German experts in the magnetic levitation field, so we are not going to get all mad-scientist on you. But here’s the general idea on what makes it go – The middle of the board is filled with Liquid Nitrogen, and the bottom of the board is lined with magnets.

The cooling effect of the Nitrogen, as seen underneath and around the sides of the Slide (think: dry ice), moves the board forward, and gives it speed – Now, the Lexis label represents innovators and game-changers who are making the impossible possible.Point to Ponder: Is Liquid Nitrogen the same as gas? Is this a chemical energy source behind the board? Why does it require magnets to help it move? Call up your Uncle, the Chemistry Lab Professor; we are going to need some help.

-Now you can “walk on water”
-No energy required
-You don’t need to use your body to make it move
-It’s practical in size and design

-It catches the pavement, and causes wipeouts
-Hovers at low levels, but when was the last time you levitated, genius?
-It looks like it’s on fire (also a Pro, you Slide Smoldering Smoke Show)!

They describe the experience of this new technology as a flying carpet ride – Now all we need is a Geni in a Lamp! Floating on Air is the latest mode of transportation, especially good for those without more traditional means of transportation – and also just for fun.

The Lexus Slide has been a labour of love, with extensive trials and errors, even an altogether back to the drawing board story. The final test date finally came on day 403, in Barcelona, Spain.

“If we had known at the beginning, what would result at the end, we would have said: ‘No, it’s impossible… You have to have dreams. It’s not impossible; it just takes a little bit longer.” – Lexus Test Crew –

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
It took approximately 150 days just to build a model, and get it off the ground; it was not a smooth process, and the team of German experts had to start again from scratch, and rebuild it. Now you can see for yourselves why it was worth the wait – One year, one month, one week and one day later, blood, sweat and tears elevated to a crowd full of cheers. Enjoy the Ride, The New Lexus Hoverboard Slide

Author Credit – Jennica B 

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