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Amazing Transformers Generation #Animation Video

Transformers Generations

Transformers Generation #Animation Video Transformers Generation stop frame animation short video.Featuring many of the best Autobot’s & Decepticon’s. Including Bumble Bee Wheel Jack,Smoke Screen ,Sideswipe,Astro Train,Constructicon’s and of course Optimus Prime,Megatron Shockwave & Soundwave. Really well made stop frame animation video ,which is incredibly difficult to pull off. Amazon.co.uk Widgets

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Crazy Crazy #Video Of Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong.

bruce lee video

Crazy Crazy #Video Of Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong. This footage was an  ad for Nokia N96 phone released in 2008 (it was Bruce’s 30th death anniversary). Bruce Lee was a very talented man but could he actually play ping pong with Nun Chucks with such precision & timing.Was he …

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10 x Strong Signs of Time Travel Video

time travel video

10 x Strong Signs of Time Travel Video. Have you ever felt like teleporting like Doctor Who to a warm beach location and just relaxing.Well the Good News is that their is very strong evidence that this might actually be possible.In this video about Time Travel , we examine photographic …

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