Star Wars Box Busters Starter Set 2-Packs Assortment


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Star Wars Box Busters are loaded with real battle scenes and game play. Get ready to pilot your X-Wing through narrow canyons and destroy the Empire’s ultimate weapon the Death Star and defeat the Imperial Army! Connect it with the Tusken Raider attack between Luke and the Sand People of Tatooine., Play against your friends and re-create the most famous Star Wars battles. Roll the dice to blast through your opponent’s shields or defend your own! With two levels of game play you can choose between basic and advanced game play with higher stakes. These portable, foldable pocket worlds are push button activated. One press and they unleash incredible battle scenes so you can play them wherever, whenever. Collect all the Box Busters battles including: Endor, Hoth, Death Star and the Rebels TIE Fighter Attack. Bring home the battle with the Star Wars: Box Busters Two-Pack Starter Set., Each 2-pack contains 2 Box Buster Playsets with cubes, marker and chips., This assortment contains four 2-packs:, 2x Naboo & Hoth, 2x Tatooine & Yavin

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