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Hugh Jackman #Logan Trailer #Wolverine Red Band 2017 Marvel Movie HD

The new Wolverine movie called “Logan” has landed. The Logan trailer looks sad, grim and gritty. And thats the way it should be. Wolverine is older now, sometime in the future, Professor X appears to be going senile and X-23 is in it. Logan has the shakes and drinks a lot!

Logan says there are no more mutants now, and it appears that Logan and Prof X are the last of the mutants, until Laura Kinney, aka X-23 who in the comics is a clone of Wolverine shows up. We get a glimpse of Donald Pierce and the Reavers who look sinister and mean.

The movie is a take on the 2008 Old Man Logan comic book miniseries, which portrays Logan as an old, reclusive figure who is ravaged by guilt — he feels responsible for the death of the X-Men and the deaths of everyone close to him. He can heal every cut, bruise, broken bone, and bullet hole on his own body, but the great tragedy is that he can’t heal the mental trauma he’s suffered. Add to that that all the X-Men fell to gory deaths at the hands of sentinels and Logan is even more gutted and traumatised.

The movie is not a direct translation of the comic series. That had a family of bloodthirsty Hulks and a one-armed, one-eyed Hawkeye, which as we all know are the property of another movie studio who have not been too happy with the translation of their beloved characters by Fox / 20th Century.

The Logan trailer is perfect and hints at the tone and whats to come. Will Logan survive again?