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Transformers Video Game Art – 56 x Images Gallery


Transformers Video Game Art – 56 x Images Gallery.Can you name them all in order of appearance ??

Transformers Video Game Art Gallery.A selection of  amazing  56 x  Images from Transformers Legends Video Game App.Featuring loads of the powerful Autobot’s and the cunning Decepticons.

Some of the bot’s that make an appearance are Bumble Bee,Cliff Jumper,Jazz,Optimus Prime,Hound,Perceptor,Jetfire,Omega Supreme,Grimlock,Slag,Mirage,Silverbolt,Ratchet,Soundwave,Rumble,Frenzy,Megatron,Skywarp,Star Scream,Dirge,Thunder Cracker,Acid Storm,Sunstorm & many more…