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Spiderman Homecoming trailer is here #SpidermanHomecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming trailer debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The connection to the Marvel Cinematic universe is immediately evident with the presence of Tony Stark in the trailer. Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man will train, teach, educate young Spider-Man in the ways of fighting crime and whilst keeping his identity secret.

The upcoming Marvel movie — in theaters July 7 2017 — finds the lad from Queens aka Peter Parker learning from his new mentor Tony Stark i.e. Iron Man, dealing with Michael Keaton’s nasty and evil Vulture and getting thrown into the deep end of his sophomore year of high school.

The scene from Spiderman Homecoming trailer where his best friend Ned sees him crawling across the ceiling as all the hallmarks of Marvel humour as does the scene where Peter is crsuhing over Liz Allan.

Stark is trying to convince Spdey he is not ready yet, but Peter thinks he is. You can see Spidey’s confidence increase as the trailer plays through. From taking on the faux Avengers to mixing it up with the Vulture. Michael Keaton as the Vulture is sinister and dark and Ironman thinks others will deal with him.

Peter’s inate courage and heroism are on display in the tanker scene, betcha that scene will give us all goosebumps when we see it in the movie. Although the tanker scene from Spiderman Homecoming trailer does look a little familiar to Spider-Man 2 with Tobey Maguire and the runaway train.

Spider-Man watching clips of himself taking out Giant Man in class are a great touch as is Bruce Banner’s photo on the same row as Albert Einstein. A few other things that were learnt