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Hulk vs Kratos God of War Arcade Mode

Hulk vs Kratos God of War Arcade Mode

We stumbled upon this awesome video by YouTuber MightyRaccoon of Hulk vs Kratos God of War. The fight action doesn’t actually start until about 13 minutes into the video. Before that there is an introduction to the background of the combatants which is interesting enough.

The son of Odin, Thor is also in it and the video starts with Thor on the ground having just taken one almighty beating from the God of War. But the brutality really kicks in with Hulk vs Kratos. We wont give away who wins, but it was a fan vote what decided the result 🙂 We don’t agree with the result either but hey… Most answers say the Hulk will defeat the Ghost of Sparta. And this is World Breaker Hulk from the Planet Hulk storyline. These are two of the angriest, meanest fighters there can be but we felt one character’s anger was not the made the most of.

The animation is slick, the graphics and rendering pretty good and the script is the show stealer. You will believe a Hulk can BLEED. The Avengers make a cameo too. Enjoy and don’t forget to share this awesomeness with your nearest and dearest.

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