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Marvel shows dominate USA state’s favourite Netflix series

Marvel shows dominate USA state’s favourite Netflix series

The team at CableTV.com wanted to know which favourite Netflix series was most likely to be streaming in neighborhoods near you? So Cable TV identified each state’s favorite show by compiling a list of all the original Netflix content, and then analyzing state data from Google Trends in 2016. For the purposes of this map, they excluded movies, children’s shows, continuations (series aired previously on another network), and limited, one-time specials in order to isolate popular original content in each state. And in terms of movies and kids shows there are some hidden Netflix gems.

The big winner in the U.S.? Marvel rules the Universe, inspiring utter devotion in fourteen states with Daredevil and followed closely by seven more states watching Jessica Jones. Luke Cage has not registered as high yet and there is still Iron Fist, Punisher and Defenders to come yet. Ironically, Daredevil and Jessica Jones were not the most popular in New York but we think its fair to say that Daredevil is the stand out winner as favourite Netflix series!

Superheroes save the day in the Midwest. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are favorites in the middle of the country. It seems some parts of the U.S. are still in need of a hero. Drama Queens are alive and well in the South. Daredevil, Bloodline, and Orange is the New Black reigned across much of the southern United States.

With 51% of the USA using Netflix is it fair to say that 51% are Marvel fans? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s . . . another superhero TV series! Next autumn, Marvel will bring a new offering to network TV with ABC’s The Inhumans. The studio has donewell with a very healthy slate on Netflix with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage—and as mentioned, soon there will also b, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher. However the network slate has never generated the same buzz as its streaming selection. But The Inhumans might be just the kind of show Marvel needs to make waves on network TV in the same way that its chief competitor, DC, has done for the last 5 years starting with Arrow.

Its certainly a great time to be a comic book fan with all these shows!