Neca Toys Batman Vs. Alien 7′ Action Figure Set

Neca Toys Batman Vs. Alien 7″ Action Figure Set

Batman Alien Action FigureThe first in new series of Neca Toys Batman Vs. Alien 7  action figure 2-packs inspired by classic comic book mash-ups!

The first release in the “Versus” line comes from the 1997 Batman/Aliens comic book mini-series co-published by DC Comics and Dark Horse.

In it, Batman faces strange new Aliens produced using DNA from some of Arkham Asylum’s deadliest inmates. The set includes two brand new, comic book based figures, both with over 30 points of articulation. Batman features a fabric cape, and the “Joker” Alien has a bendable tail.

– The first release in a new “Versus” line! Based off of the 1997 comic book mini-series! Window box packaging- Featuring Batman and Alien in the 7″ Scale line!  All New Tooling!

Have a look at Batman vs Wolverine Video Here 

Visit Official Neca Toys website for more Action Figure News.

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