DC Comics Sideshow Collectibles – Premium Deathstroke Statue

DC Comics Sideshow Collectibles – Premium Deathstroke Statue

Premium Deathstroke Statue .This stunning masterpiece stands approx 48 Cm Tall and is due April 2018.Arguably one of DC Comics most dangerous assassins, the mercenary known as Deathstroke has struck fear into some of the mightiest of heroes over the last three decades, using his formidable skills to hunt Batman, the Teen Titans, the Justice League and more!

Premium Deathstroke Statue


War veteran and martial arts expert Slade Wilson was injected with a top secret serum by the military in an attempt to create a meta-human super soldier. Though these treatments imbued him with heightened strength, speed, and agility (coupled with preternaturally fast healing), Slade eventually became embittered and jaded through personal grief and family trauma, abandoning his covert military career and turning to a life of crime, and using these newfound powers for evil.

Premium Deathstroke Statue  Premium Deathstroke Statue

Sideshow’s proud to pay homage to the merciless man hunter Slade Wilson with this new museum quality Premium Format™ Figure, depicting this relentless assassin in his trademark orange and blue attire and one-eyed mask, but in our own signature hyper-real style.
Never one to be caught unarmed, Deathstroke is festooned with a veritable arsenal of firearms, swords, and knives – even storing large blades in the vambraces that protect his forearms!

Product Size: 48 x 46 x 35 cm

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