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Learn How to Draw Marvel Comics Art by Legend Stan Lee – 60 Min Video

Stan Lee teaches How to Draw Marvel Comics  – 60 Min Video

Stan Lee Art

Ever wondered how to draw Spider-man,Hulk,Fantastic Four ,Avengers ?Well wonder no more.Ever since inception Stan Lee has captivated the minds of millions with his wonderful colorful Heroes & Villains.Today Marvel Comics has an even bigger audience and fan base.The Marvel Characters are almost timeless and never get old or boring.

Watch this Excellent introduction into the world of drawing Marvel Comics. 60 Min Video Tutorial and learn direct from the Master Himself. . Even though it’s old (1986) ,it still gives a full insight and is a great foundation, covering all the basics that are still relevant today.

Presented by Stan Lee & John Buscema it covers all you need to know in the following chapters:

1. The Tools and Terms of the Trade.
2. The Secrets of Form: Making an Object Look Real.
3. The Power of Perspective.
4. Lets Study the Figure.
5. Lets Draw the Figure.
6. The Name of the Game is Action.
7. Foreshortening
8. Drawing the Human Head
9. Composition.
10. Draw Your Own Comic Book Page.
11. The Comic Book Cover.
12. The Art of Inking.


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