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LOGAN 17 Years Of Hugh Jackman | Wolverine Animation

LOGAN 17 Years Of Hugh Jackman | Wolverine Animation

YouTuber Mightyraccoon has done it again with this LOGAN 17 Years Of Hugh Jackman | Wolverine Animation. Its super awesome, violent and tense, just like the live action Logan movie. Logan goes all out against multiple Wolverine clones.

So there is the classic Wolverine, the original X-men trilogy Wolverine, origins Wolverine, the Wolverine, Days of Future Past Wolverine and Weapon X, ALL of whom are against Old Man Logan and X-23. So, instead of X-24 only, like in the movie in this animation Logan has to take them all on.

Logan and X-23 tag team the first two Wolverines, one being Weapon X. Laura is just as bad ass in this as she is in the Logan movie. But its old man Logan who shines brightest. He tears apart several dopplegangers of himself and serious cost to himself. The animation is pretty cool and high quality as are voice acting and script. The icing on the cake is the 1990’s X-Men animated soundtrack in full Havey Metal style playing out the rather cool credits!

If there’s one thing we wanted more than anything out of Logan, we wanted to see something like this animation. Imagine, on the tree trunk, Logan is near death as before. Then, he has those exact same flashbacks this time Xavier dying in those flashbacks also. In response, Logan snaps, i.e. goes full mental and goes into a full on berserker rage to the point of where he can’t feel the pain anymore. Letting out a howling demonic roar, he rips himself off of the tree trunk and absolutely mutilates X-24, slashing and slashing…. The berserker rage felt like it was just a little not so berserker…

Seriously, this made us emotional. Thanks a million for the awesome tribute, we miss you already Logan. They better find someone to replace Jackman soon. 17 Years Of Hugh Jackman is not long enough.

Remind yourself of the Old Man Logan trailer.