Fly to Work in Your Two-Seater Drone

Welcome to the age of the Jetsons.

Posted by Futurism on martes, 4 de abril de 2017

Welcome to the age of the Jetsons Identified Flying Object #IFO

Welcome to the age of the Jetsons Identified Flying Object

Welcome to the age of the Jetsons, fly to Work in Your Two-Seater Drone in an Identified Flying Object! Maybe!
One Day?!

People can’t even drive cars properly, let alone aircraft. There is no way in hell there will ever be a reality where the population will be allowed to fly around, crashing into each other and crash-landing into schools or football stadiums. With automated piloting… maybe.

With a 70min battery life, you’re not going anywhere far in this. As long it’s on autopilot. Imagine the idiots driving/ flying up there… preferably with their phone in their hands taking selfies. Not so fast, just a giant drone, Jetsons didn’t use propellers, their vision of the future moved beyond rotating rotors, probably jet powered, that’s why the show was called the “JET-sons.”

All of these quadcopter/multirotor based designs are products of graphic designers and visionaries. There is little to no advantage of a multirotor system other than a slight bit of mechanical simplicity. In aerospace design, airframe and linkage are the most dependable components. Electronics ARE the weak link.

Even in the drone world, multi’s are pointless. They attract the masses due to mechanical simplicity in exchange for electrical complexity. Hand down; a conventional collective pitch helicopter will outperform a multirotor in every aspect, from battery life, speed, endurance, and onto a vertical ceiling, etc. Multirotors from their CORE are inherently inefficient. All these hover cars (real and conceptual) are dead in the water when it comes to the business side of things as there are no laws in place for them regarding using such for transport. Unless you own acres of private land and use this for fun and recreation on said property then fine as an expensive toy. It’s a catch 22 in that no one would buy them until they could be used as transport, but no laws or safe ways would be made until there is enough demand via owners.

Identified Flying Object

How many hundreds of thousands of dollars will this flying car cost? And second, don’t talk to me about the age of the Jetsons until there is a robot cleaning every aspect of my house. And no, Roomba is not sufficient.
Things that fly exist already. Making different shaped things that fly us no big deal. What needs solving for an airborne population is autonomy, specifically the external infrastructure for guidance.

But as a concept for an Identified Flying Object its pretty cool, no?

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