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Injustice 2 Game Characters reveal

Nothing can compare to the kickass fighting game and that too when it’s Injustice 2. The Injustice 2 Game Characters are below.

If you enjoyed playing Injustice 1 while taking control of the DC characters’ captivating looks and fighting powers, well it’s almost the time to get ready for its sequel to smitten you!

With the epic cinematic storyline and the massive roster of DC characters ever, you are sure to get addicted by this sequel. Injustice 2 continues the story as set in its earlier part. New menaces will come in the way, as Batman along with his associates work to put the pieces of society back together while struggling against those who are determined to restore superman’s regime.

As the Super-powered sequel is yet to be released on May 16, 2017, we are listing down its playable roster for you to sparkle up your eyes with the glimpse of your favorite DC characters.

Injustice 2 game Characters


Bruce Wayne aka Batman vows to avenge his parent’s death without even executing his enemies as he believes that by doing so, he won’t be any better than those cowards.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersStill mourning the loss of Lois and their unborn child, Superman is now a resident of prison where he contemplates of achieving the peace through conquest.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersWhile hiding away herself, Wonder Woman awaits her chance to fight against Batman and free Superman from the imprisonment.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersKara aka Supergirl is still resolute to protect her family while fighting against her cousin’s enemies.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersAfter the fall of superman’s regime, Atlantean ruler tasted the arduous defeat. Nevertheless, he still remains determined to keep the Atlantis’ Independence.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersAtrocitus seeks revenge against Sinestro Corps and focuses on bracing the Red Lanterns prestige by piercing the flames of rage.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersWith his intellect and telepathy power, Grodd enrolls others in his mission to establish an anti-justice league, The Society and conquer the planet.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersAfter being able to escape the imprisonment, Floyd Lawton now enters the combat as a skilled assassin for hire.



Injustice 2 Game CharactersSatiate with superman’s imprisonment and disheartened by the Joker’s death, Harley Quinn resolute to revenge upon the man who silenced Joker.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersAs new enemies menace the innocents, Barry Allen aka Flash set his pace to redeem his reputation of being the fastest man alive and returns to the action.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersKnowing that his weapon, Scarab is capable of destroying the entire planet, Kindhearted Jaime Reyes opted to protect the people.

  • BANE

Injustice 2 Game CharactersAfter spending most of his life in prison, Bane is resolute to take vengeance against his former regime master as he was betrayed by them.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersDr. Pamela Isley joins The Society to suppress the mankind and to ensure that flora dominates the fauna.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersA megalomaniacal genius, Brainiac roams around the universe to accumulate more knowledge scientific power.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersDamian Wayne opposes his father, Batman’s non-lethal code of honour and considers Superman as his new mentor.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersForced to flee while fighting against the regime, Dinah Lance aka Black Canary vows to never silence her cry again.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersAs the violence against humanity is supposed to affect the flora, Swamp determines to defend “The Green” from annihilation.


Injustice 2 Game CharactersOut of her nine lives, Selina Kyle has been a traitor in most of them and it’s her taint past which prevents Batman to fully trust her.


Barbara Ann Minerva is cursed to live a life of transformed Cheetah as she betrayed the Wonder Woman and now she’s determined to ruin wonder woman by revealing her whereabouts.


Even after losing his friend and his hope at the tragedy of Metropolis, Victor stone is still considered to be the only one who can fight the mighty Brainiac.

  • FATE

Kent Nelson aka Dr. Fate’s helm of fate compels him to preserve the gloomy fate as it helps him to see the fate of mankind, but his humanity forces him to intercede on behalf of his friends.


Hal Jordan returns to stop Brainiac and satisfy himself with the fact that he deserves a second chance.


Two minds of Jason Rusch and Martin Stein, reside in one powerful body and that too when they don’t agree on much except helping Batman. Of all the Injustice 2 Game Characters, Firestorm is one we are really looking forward to play with.


Emerald Archer, Green Arrow will join his wife Black Canary to fight with batman and put things in order.


After all the humiliation due to regime’s fall, Black Adam returned to his home and now waits for the day can restore the regime’s rule.


After the loss of his sister, he seeks revenge and he would happily use The Society for that.


In order to fulfill his purpose of spreading the fear of the unknown, Scarecrow joins the Society to sow panic everywhere. He is one of the scarier Injustice 2 Game Characters.

Along with the above-mentioned characters, game will also feature nine more characters as a Downloadable content. If you are excited enough to try out this game as soon as it’s released, you can pre-order it from the official website of Injustice 2. Also have a look at all the Injustice 2 super moves.

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