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Top 7 x Best Anime Netflix Series – Deathnote, Bleach, Naruto & More

Top 7 x Best Anime Netflix Series – Deathnote, Bleach, Naruto & More

Choosing a streaming Anime Netflix  service these days is like “Looking for a needle in a Haystack”. And choosing one that has good Anime is hard but we love Anime on Netflix so have made a little guide for you (o:

Among so many streaming services available, it is difficult to remember that what content is available on which service, especially when it comes to Anime. There is a surprising amount of variety, a mix of old and new anime with a blend of different genres. Netflix is one of the most popular source for watching Anime.

Netflix’s collection is a great way to get your feet wet especially if you are new to anime in general. It can be almost impossible to keep up with, or sift through everything that is available on Netflix. Keeping this in concern, we have listed top 7 anime series that are available on Netflix that will work as indicators for newcomers, a way to help them find their way around the often overwhelming number of titles in Netflix’s anime collection.

The Best Anime Netflix

Having the genre of Action, this is one of the most successful anime series. The series was expected to get wrapped up by 2017, but probably it could go longer due to its meteoric popularity in Japan and other parts of the world as well.

The success of ‘Attack on Titan’ has made it possible for the series to spread across many mediums that includes two-live action films released in theatres named as ‘Attack on Titan’ and ‘Attack on Titan: End of the World.’ In addition, there has been a novel with three entries that is ‘Before the Fall’, ‘Harsh Mistress of the City’ and ‘Lost Girls.’

Apart from this, there are seven video games on this: Attack on Titan, Humanity in Chains for Nintedo 3DS, Attack on Titan: The Wings of Counterattack for mobile devices and Attack on Titan which was specifically released for PlayStation 3 & 4 and PlayStation Vita.

From the core, Attack on Titans is a battle of good against evil and a struggle to survive for humans. It thrilling and capable enough to keep its audiences captured. The story centers around a walled city called Shinganshina where Titans are being tried to be kept out.

Huge humanoid creatures with a desire to consume humans. The barrier has worked for 100 years but if the Titans did not return in a horrifying way then there will not be any story to narrate.


Death Note is based on a super-popular manga and tells the story of Yagami, a high school over-achiever who finds a notebook that allows him to undetectably murder anybody by writing their name.

He endeavors to use it to make the world a “better place,” by his extremely stringent morals. This brings him into conflict with an isolated young detective and what incredibly compelling is the mouse cat game that they play. Netflix is about to debut a live-action Westernized version of the story. Let us see, what more is there to come.


Sword Art Online carries the genre of Sci-fi dystopia. Sword Art Online is based on a light novel. It is about a virtual-reality game that turned into a nightmare for entire society of players who find themselves trapped inside it and have to struggle for their survival in a Battle-Royale-style fight to the death. The series is still not over and you must check it out to catch the thrill.


Off all the Anime Netflix Blue Exorcist series that is already complete. This had a genre of action and a story crafted with a supernatural perception. The story was about a troubled teenager Rin Okamura who used to struggle with all the things that normal teenage boys have to overcome.

The thing that makes him stand different from others, the thing which we can say not so normal about Rin was that he himself was the illegitimate son of Satan.


Rin learns that the human mortal world and demon world exist in parallels.

He then finds out his father is growing him with a motive of making him fit for possession so that someday he can overtake him and rule both realms together with Rin. Rin do have other plans, however, encouraging him to train to become an exorcist and defend the human world from Satan when the time comes.

·       Bleach  https://youtu.be/z_qqeaFuFPM (Video Link)

Based on one of the most popular manga series of all time, the anime version of Bleach offers all the swordplay and massive monsters that are pretty much interesting to watch.

Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki stumbles into the powers of a Soul Reaper and face a lot of struggle and conflict with all kinds of enemies. The stylish anime stretches across confounding sixteen seasons, where Netflix only has the first three of but there is still plenty of powerful fights, monsters, hot babes and high drama that are worth a couple weeks of binge watching.


Hunter X Hunter is a series with multiple genre that constitutes Action, Adventure and even Fantasy. The story is of a 12 year old boy Gon Freecs who has a lost- lost father and he is growing up with a misconception that his father is dead.

He always aspires to be like his father. One day he got to know that his father became a successful hunter belonging to one of those heroes who dedicate their lives to nabbing bad guys and searching for valuable treasures.

After knowing this, the boy leaves his home at a young age to be the best. He meets other aspiring hunter on his way and they all band together with the aim to clear the deadly hunter exam facing challenging monsters and other demons along the way.


Naruto is all about adventure and fantasy. There are only three seasons available on Netflix at this time for the same. Naruto is one of the most popular anime.

If you have heard of anime then you must have probably heard of Naruto as well. Naruto is basically based on one of the bestselling titles in Shonen Jump history. This is classic coming-of-age story about a future ninja whose cheerful nature envelops his untold powers. Naruto offers more than you expect. It is moreover a story about friendship, brotherhood and family in long run.

Stream Anime Netflix  and explore the world that would be full of adventure. Go and check it out what’s more there to unwrap.