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4 Star Wars Fan films made with Hitfilm Star Wars Effects

4 Star Wars Fan films made with Hitfilm Star Wars Effects

The enchanting impact of George Lucas’ Star Wars can be seen everywhere, even in popular cultures. Most of the science fiction films are very much influenced and inspired by the Star Wars trilogy and this has been the reason that fans are now making their own Star Wars fan films and many are using Hitfilm Star Wars Effects.

Hitfilm is one such platform which is making it possible for fans to live up their fantasy of experimenting and creating a film with Star Wars’ visual effects and editing. There are several Star Wars films made by Hitfilm, but four of them stole the limelight. Following four films explicitly shows you the impeccable power of editing and visual effects which can make your work nothing less than a piece of art.

4 Star Wars Fan films made with Hitfilm

 Rebellion Video Link: https://hitfilm.com/express/rebellion

With star wars style detonating effect and soldier cloning feature, you can build your own imperial empire. If you are tempted by the style blaster effect, then this film is a must watch for you to get inspired.

This film will show how to turn one single stormtrooper into a deadly imperial army and that too, with a limited amount of actors in costumes. Key to get such good results is to combine the multiple techniques, using all the available assets of Hitfilm. Yes, not just the learning, Hitfilm will also provide you with the elements to do that.

Hitfilm Star Wars Effects

  • The Force

Fascinated by the dark side? Then you must learn the amazing lightening effects to embrace your dark side with Hitfilm Star Wars Effects. Even better, it’s also absolutely free to create your science fiction films and to spark them up with amazing 140 lightening effects and lightsaber. From lay outing the grid to adjusting the distortion, contrast and hue, Hitfilm provides you oodles of elements to make it representing. So, start your creation without any second thought and as they say, ‘May the Force be with you’.

  • Heads Up
  • Want to make something quick and easy that’ll turn some heads?  Here’s your chance to do it, for real. With Hitfilm Star Wars Effects, learn how to design you own HUD visuals from the basics while utilizing all the high-resolution interface elements. As you may know, HUD visuals need specific framing and lightning that makes your shots alive, which is what you got to learn from Hitfilm- perfect practical filmmaking. So, get ready with your own version of Iron Man’s heads-up display.

From your selfies to your videos, editing is a must before they finally go out. Editing without special effects is no fun, so better amalgamate both to create that wow video.  Be it portal or AK, choose everything and anything to create riot Film, as they are well known on Youtube, in indie filmmaking. So, promptly do your learning and start creating incredible sci-fi actions.

To conclude, Hitfilm is a great entry into making the kinds of visual effects that you must be, as a filmmaker, visualizing in your vision. So if you wish to scale up your skills in filmmaking, using visual effects, visit the Hitfilm website now and get started.

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