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iZombie Trailer Some like It Hot Mess

The Major Lilywhite we’ve all grown used to over the course of two-and-a-half seasons finally ran out of time yesterday and with no greater choices accessible and his two best friends by his side, was given the zombie treatment, meaning the time is now ticking down on his thoughts. Browse the new extensive iZombie Trailer promo for episode six, titled “Some Like It Hot Mess,” above.

The critique and summary for next week’s episode decided to focus Liv & Clive’s latest event, involving Liv becoming a narcissistic warm mess, as opposed to disclosing what occurred with Major, but the photos do uncover that he’s back up on his feet. We also get to observe Peyton in this iZombie Trailer get some shocking news while Ravi experiences another setback.

Can Dallas become the zombie homeland’s capital? In series three, Liv has identified you can find more zombies surviving in Seattle than she previously believed, including an independent military contractor using a zombie army that’s planning for the day humans learn of their existence. Major sees acceptance within this army, and Liv investigates a zombie family’s murder that may trigger an all out zombie- human war. The employer at the Core for Disease Control shows up in Seattle to research the Max Rager massacre. Blaine sees living life as a human without memory of his unpleasant past is more of a benefit than a problem. Peyton pulls a thread in one of her cases that’ll result in the villain that’s pulling all of the strings coming out of the shadows. This course of an action-loaded season might find Liv accept the traits of the dominatrix, take on characteristics of a JACKASS-design stunt man, an office gossiper, a preschool instructor and even a dungeon master!

This show executes an exceptional job of making us care about the characters, better than any other show i think. The stuff with Major at the end was genuinely touching. Unlike so many other shows, iZombie 100% earns those moments. We are excited to find out if Blaine has been faking. For those that have not caught the show yet, check out this iZombie episode guide .