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Top 10 Mario Kart 8 Characters Who SHOULD Be In

Top 10 Mario Kart 8 Characters Who SHOULD Be In the Game

Top 10 Characters Who SHOULD Be In Mario Kart 8

  • Kirby

    – It’s kind of an insult that the pink ball of cuteness has never been invited to join his fellow Nintendo characters in kart racing in Mario Kart 8. It could be that Kirby is in fact partially owned by Nintendo and their longtime affiliate HAL Laboratory. The shared ownership might cause confusion and contractual restriction for the round puffball. If you’re itching for some Kirby and need to scratch enterprises try the under-appreciated Kirby Air-Ride for the Nintendo Gamecube, or you can scan the Kirby Amiibo to your Wii U or Nintendo Switch to unlock a Mii Suit containing his adorable face for your helmet. But that’s all you get for now it seems.

  • Captain Falcon

    – For a character built on a racing franchise, you would think Captain Falcon would be an easy addition. Trading the signature F-Zero Blue Falcon for a starter pack customizable race kart would be comical by itself. With a presumable F-Zero track to add-on to the broad selection of tracks in Mario Kart.

  • Donkey Kong Jr.

    -This offspring of the original 1981 ape from the debut Donkey Kong arcade was a cast member of Mario Kart 64 but was his only stint in the racing franchise. The reasons why he was never welcomed back could be the minimum amount of memory the previous consoles held. But now with the newest installment on the Switch, with 30+ characters to choose from, maybe giving the Donkey Kong Jr a bone (or a banana) doesn’t sound too bad.

  • Diddy Kong

    – With even more of a staple in the Nintendo universe than the previous entry, Diddy Kong was at the forefront of the 16-bit SNES glory days with Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2. Maybe Diddy’s kart racing spin-off Diddy Kong Racing got the young spider monkey blacklisted to join.

  • Birdo

    – Yes, Birdo was in Mario Kart Wii, yet an excellent character has been cast to the side, but why? The rare but memorable boss in Super Mario Bros 2 has a very peculiar history. Birdo was first referred to in the masculine form, but the instruction manual for SMB2 quoted “Birdo believes he’s a girl and shoots eggs from his mouth.”

  • Mega Man

    – The blue jumper has also been in the spotlight for decades. Even when his quality of work became below average in his later years, he now lends a hand and a fist to slobber knockers like Super Smash Bros and Marvel vs. Capcom. But seeing the tiny Rockman speed past his estranged counterparts in his Ride Chaser from Mega Man X2

  • Pikachu

    -Pokemon is the second highest grossing video game franchise in history. That’s a pretty impressive achievement. But, what’s, IS the most top grossing video game franchise in history? Well, of course, it’s the pudgy plumber in overalls. So why not have the cute mouse monster in the roaster? If there is ever a Mario Kart Double Dash sequel (and there should be), Pikachu can partner up with Jigglypuff.

  • Captain Olimar

    – The newest Character in the Nintendo universe, Olimar’s first appearance was in the brave and mesmerizing world of Pikmin that launched the GameCube back in 2001. Now, when he’s not throwing his colorful alien slaves to drain energy off fellow fighters in Super Smash Bros, This mini spaceman should join the rest of his elder Nintendo alumni in a competitive game of race.

  • Sonic

    – Once Mario’s adversary, the blue hedgehog has finally come to terms with the mustache wearing foe and joined forces with the Italian for a few years now, most notably the Mario and Sonic at the Olympics games. Why not in Mario Kart 8 then ? Now all they need to continue their close, competitive friendship is to invite the hedgehog to some intense kart racing. And to make things extra interesting, Sonic can be the only character without a kart. He’s quick pacing, and eventually, blue ball of horsepower is all he needs to beat Mario and friends at their own game.

  • Baby Bullet Bill

    – With the infant versions of your favorite characters in the franchise since Mario Kart Double Dash when Baby Mario and Luigi joined the go-kart circuit. Now with baby Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina in the roaster. Let’s see Nintendo throw in a curveball and make a Baby Bullet Bill! Why not? Okay, maybe the little bullet will fly solo without a kart due to his large stature, and the full-size Bullet Bill is a race changing item already, but making a balance in the shots stats with medium speed alongside high strength, Baby Bullet Bill can be an odd but fun addition.

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