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Far Cry 5 Video Game – Trailer/ Gameplay Preview – PS4 Xbox 1

Far Cry 5 Video Game – Trailer/ Gameplay Preview – PS4 Xbox 1

Far Cry 5 Trailer Video Game – Full 6 Min Reveal Trailer and 21 Mins of Gameplay Footage .This is one of the most anticipated games for 2018 .Due on your consoles 27/02/2018

Developed and published by Ubisoft, Far Cry 5 is a first-person action game that takes place on a vast open-world map which can be explored on-foot or in vehicles, with combat focusing on firearms and other ranged weapons, although melee options do exist.

As well as sticking to its roots in terms of gameplay, Far Cry 5 continues another series tradition by telling its own self-contained story in its own setting. For example, see the contrast between the tropical islands of Far Cry 3, the mountainous Himalayan region of Far Cry 4, and the Montana countryside of Far Cry 5. The setting of the new Far Cry 5 title is currently one of its most appealing aspects..


Watch actual Gameplay Footage Below.

New features set to appear in Far Cry 5 include a fishing mechanic, so that’s a bonus if you ever felt a burning desire to catch fish in a Far Cry game, but hopefully more interesting is the introduction of a character creation system, with the player being able to choose their gender, skin tone and other details.

With the game utilising a first-person camera, obviously the player isn’t going to fully see their character, so outside of the online co-op mode, it would be good if the choices you make regarding your character actually affect in-game events or mechanics in some way, as this could add depth and help to immerse the player in the story and game-world.



Author Credit – By Alex De-Gruchy

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