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New Ataribox console in production – Video Game News

New Ataribox console in production – Video Game News

Recently, something known as the Ataribox popped up on YouTube (under), the preview did not show much other than a hyperlink to your site to your Ataribox. Domain information was inaccessible at the moment, but it had been presumed that the Ataribox wasn’t something Atari-built, but some third-party job. Have a look for yourself at Atari new console/ .

The video and website teased ” new Atari merchandise years in the making,” however, no details are provided, and the domain for the website remains being concealed by a private company called Domains By Proxy. The coding for the website itself does not provide anything manner either.

Various websites from Forbes to the Telegraph ran an article on it so it really looks like Atari is coming back. Wonder how PS4, X-Box One and Nintendo feel about another player in the market? Atari back in the game. What sort of specs will it have? Is it Next Gen or Retro? The wood panelling is there! Even more interesting is the Dev link at the bottom of the site which if you click it triggers your email to send an email with subject “I’m a developer and want to know more about your platform”. Could it be an Apple/Google Play like ecosystem? Or more traditional platforms like PS4 et al?

Around all this puzzle, the Atari CEO, Fred Chesnais, is asserting that the organization is back in the hardware industry. Chesnais spoke with Venture Beat throughout E3 2017 to express up to now, “We are back in the device industry.”


Fred Chesnais didn’t detail the console any further but said it had been founded on “PC engineering” and that the layout is still in development.

Coincidentally in more Atari news, the developer’s emblem was spotted at the latest Blade Runner 2049 preview – it is unclear whether the two are connected.

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