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John Wick Nerf video

John Wick Nerf video

Imagine the amount of Nerf bullets they have to find and pick up in this John Wick Nerf video. The action in this is hella good. Well done Corridor Digital for producing a fun video. Look out for some deadly headshots! Now we need Nerf John Wick 2.

No jokes, THIS WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD! Though some of those stunts and shots are close to impossible in a real life Nerf war, this is easily our favourite Nerf battle video yet! Think Iron fist with guns dawg! This would make for a fantastic Nerf ad.

John Wick Nerf

You’d think that the bad guys could take some cover rather than charging John Wick with their guns and making themselves an easy target but hey thats the movies for ya. For some reason the sound design is what made this so awesome to us. We really liked the clicks and puffs. We like that the bad guys keep their hood on even when they are just chilling in the street ’cause they are bad guys, and bad guys are bad guys no matter what, innit?

Now all we need is a Nerf video with Deadpool. Seriously it would be so awesomes! View the trailer for John Wick 2 again. Or more cool videos from Corridor Digital.



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