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Captain Britain movie discussed by Marvel Studios

Captain Britain movie discussed by Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios is responsible for bringing us a large mix of heroes as time has gone by, but there are still a lot of heroes and villains that they hold the rights to. People who’ve yet to join the planet occupied by the likes of Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, and Spider-Man. Among these is a certain Captain Britain, a person whose origins have been created by leaning on British mythology and is ready if Marvel is keen on adding something new to Marvel’s fourth phase. Can you imagine Guy Ritchie directing a Captain Britain movie? Or Edgar Wright [ok yeah he’s pissed off about Ant Man].

The team at HeyUGuys.com interviewed Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige to touch on lots of topics (the video below will be well worth watching for all of those) and specifically asked if we are going to visit Captain Britain from the MCU. “We’ve discussed it. There are a whole lot of celebrities that come in and ask about that component, so we’ll have to see…”

It is interesting that there are obviously British actors around who have been lobbying for the role of Brian Braddock, but it’s tough to say for certain where he is introduced to the MCU. Like Black Panther or Captain Marvel, if Captain Britain were to arrive elsewhere before getting his movie would probably work best.

 In a Captain Britain movie, we would like to see Dane Whitman’s, Black Knight, Union Jack, SpitFire and of course Merlyn and the Captain Britain Corps. Not sure how the whole Psylocke thing would work and with the entire Fox / Marvel relationship being screwed, seeing the Excalibur team of Phoenix, Meggan, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Jamie Braddock, Roma and Otherworld would be neat also! The guys at the Captain Britain Blog knocked up a nice cinematic image of Braddock with the Avengers.
Image from thecaptainbritainblog