15 x Amazing Street Fighter Statues by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

15 x Amazing Street Fighter Statues by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Street Fighter Statues !! The world’s Largest Beat um up Video Game Street Fighter gets some Magnificent Custom made Premium Format Statues sculpted by the Gods at Pop Culture Shock Collectibles.

Capcom’s mighty Street Fighter Franchise will never be the same again.Just check out some of these Master Pieces Statues !! Ideal for display or worship !!

Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection

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Street Fighter Statues  1/3 Chun Li Alpha Exclusive

Street Fighter Statues

The Street Fighter Alpha Chun Li statue is beautifully displayed in her blue leotard and embroidered vest, inspired by her childhood hero the Mighty Bruce Lee.

Hand sculpted by Jerry Macaluso, 1:3 Alpha Chun Li stands as a loving tribute to the legend of Bruce Lee. Rip

Size: 73 cm / Limited to only 325 pieces worldwide.Due Feb 2018

Street Fighter Statues IV 1/4 Juri

Street Fighter Statues

The amazing Juri statue stands a whopping 59 cm tall, and will add a touch of class to your Street Fighter Collection.Due Feb 2018.Hand sculpted the Pop Culture Way !!


Street Fighter Statues IV 1/4 Ken

Street Fighter Statues

Ken is a married family man, and has traded in his trademark red gi for the first time in franchise history. Having learned humility and found inner peace, he is even ready to become the sensei and take on a disciple of his own.

PCS Collectibles celebrates the 30th anniversary of Ken Masters with this premiere in the 1:4 Ultra Statue line

This incredible version is based on his Street Fighter IV colors. His orange gloves and clean, bright outfit – with trademark sleeves cut . Showcasing the power of his kick, is the ‘Dragon Flame’ a fiery translucent resin to add to this awesome statue.Ready for display. Due May 2018.

Street Fighter Statues IV 1/4 Poison

Street Fighter Statues

The delightful Street Fighter Poison statue was one of the most requested pieces by PCS Fans.So without delay Marvel at the sexy vivacious curves of Poison..

Due May 2018 / Limited to 300 pieces worldwide.


Street Fighter Statues IV 1/4 Shadaloo Cammy

Street Fighter Statues

“There have been a lot of interesting alternate costumes in Street Fighter’s 30 year history, but this is one of those few that offer a whole different perspective on a classic character.”

In Super Street Fighter IV we see Cammy dressed  in M. Bison’s trademark Armor and Shadaloo cap, offering a look at what might have been Cammy had she never been freed of Bison’s mind control !!

Limited to just 500 pieces worldwide.Due June 2018


Street Fighter Statues  Akuma Ultimate Exclusive Version

Street Fighter Statues

This 1:4 Scale Mixed Media Akuma statue is regarded as the holy grail of Street Fighter statues with the near perfect designs and incredible sculpted detail.You will not be disappointed !!

This officially licensed Polystone statue stands approx. 58 cm tall.Due oct 2018.Limited to 500 pieces worldwide!

The Ultimate Exclusive version contains:

–  Street Fighter II Head w Glowing LED Eyes
– Street Fighter Udon Style Head w Glowing LED Eyes
– Street Fighter V Torso w Glowing LED Back Kanji
– Street Fighter Classic Torso w Glowing LED Back Kanji

– Street Fighter V Head w Glowing LED Eyes
– Street Fighter IV Head w Glowing LED Eyes
– Street Fighter III Head w Glowing LED Eyes
– Street Fighter Alpha Head V.1 w Glowing LED Eyes
– Street Fighter Alpha Head V.2 w Glowing LED Eyes

– Rope Wrapped Sandals
– Bare Feet
– Removable Prayer Beads in both SFV and Classic Style
– Massive Lava Base w Glowing LEDs
– Black Base Museum Style Base
– Six (6) Portrait Display Stands
– Torso Stand

– Real Fabric Gi
– Classic Padded Hands
– Rope Wrapped Hands
– Gloved Hands
– Classic Fabric Belt
– Rope Belt
– Certificate of Authenticity


Street Fighter Statues 1/3 Chun Li Classic Qipao Exclusive Version

Street Fighter Statues 


In This Classic statue Chun Li look’s as if she has just stepped out of the video game.

Pop Culture Shock collectibles decided togo with her most famous look Classic Qipao, which is the blue outfit she’s worn since Street Fighter II.

Size: 73 cm.Limited to only 350 pieces worldwide.Due Feb 2018


Street Fighter Statues 1/3 Sagat Emperor of Muay Thai Exclusive Version.

Street Fighter Statues


Street Fighter Sagat remains as one of the boss charchetrs of the street fighter franchise.He still today is one of the most vicious competitors in the game.

Sagat was Defeated at the hands of Ryu in the very first Street Fighter video game but Sagat returned in Street Fighter II, scarred, but even more determined than ever to prove himself as the ultimate martial artist!

This  PCS Exclusive version of Sagat will feature his trademark blue shorts with yellow trim and a highly detailed platform base.

Other Features:

–  Gripping Chest Arms with Torso Scar
– Folded Arms Torso with Scar
– Platform Base
– Size: 93 x 48 x 29 cm

– Blue Shorts w/ Yellow Trim
– Grimacing Portrait with Eye Patch
– Scowling Portrait with Eye Patch

Limited to 350 pieces worldwide! Due April 2019


 Statues V 1/4 Cammy

Cammy is shown symbolically landing an aerial Cannon Strike attack on a stone Shadaloo symbol.

Statue also comes with signed certificate of authenticity.

Product Size: 71 x 28 x 21 cm / Limited to 600 pieces / Due Dec 2017


Statues 1/4 M Bison

M. Bison is the symbol of pure evil in the Street Fighter universe.

Now Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are delighted  to unveil their Street Fighter V M. Bison 1:4 Ultra Statue. This incredible piece features a Psycho Drive base literally overflowing with Psycho Power via a LED lighted base as well as LED eyes .Comes with a signed certificate of Authenticity!

Size: 68 x 42 x 33 cm /Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide/Due Aug 2018

Street Fighter Statues 1/6 Necalli

Street Fighter Statues

Necalli is the newest fighter to join the Street Fighter family.He is a mysterious wildman !!

This high quality collectible is rendered in exact detail using actual 3D data from Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter V game.

Includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

Product Size: 38 x 28 x 28 cm/Limited to 500 pieces/Due Oct 2017

Street Fighter Statues 1/6 Chun-Li

Chun-Li was the first female character in the Street Fighter Games. Chun-Li was the very first playable female character in any fighting game, ever.  Along with Ryu, she has appeared in every single franchise installment and spinoff.

Chun-Li is such a beloved character to millions around the world that she can be found in Japanese gambling halls as the star of her own pachinko machine, and was the only Street Fighter character to headline a theatrical feature film.

In an era where female protagonists routinely head their own franchises, Chun-Li remains an icon.

Rendered in precise detail using the Street Fighter V 3D model itself, this high-quality collectible is the definitive Chun-Li collectible

Includes a signed certificate of authenticity/Product Size: 43 cm/Due Oct 2017


Statues IV 1/4 Evil Ryu


PCS Collectibles are proud to present it’s very first independent 1:4 scale Evil Ryu statue, a unique sculpt created from the actual CG model.

This is Ryu stained with the blood of death.Ryu comes with cloth tailored costume and LED light up functions in the eyes, chest and back.

Product Size: 42 cm/ Due Feb 2018

Street Fighter Statues 1/6 Ryu V-Trigger

Using the Capcom supplied in-game character model for total accuracy, the folks at Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have made their first 1:6 Ryu statue the most imposing and powerful to date.

Designed by famous Street Fighter artist Edwin Huang, his dynamic swirling base is the V-Trigger made manifest.

Perhaps the most versatile fighter in the Street Fighter franchise, Ryu has the tools to fight his way out of almost any situation. People who have never stepped into an arcade have heard the “Hadoken!” scream.

Includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

Product Size: 32 x 33 x 18 cm Due Jan 2018

 Statues 1/4 Zangief

Zangief was the first professional wrestler in the Street Fighter franchise and is known for training with 10′ Siberian black grizzlie bears just for practise..

The Red Cyclone has been a fan favorite since his debut in 1991. As far as Zangief is concerned, not even M. Bison’s Psycho Power is a threat to his Muscle Power.

Using the actual Street Fighter V 3D model for absolute accuracy, this high-quality collectible is a flawless specimen of polystone brilliance.

Measuring 69 cm tall and 45 cm wide, the result is both mighty and spectacular.

Includes a signed certificate of authenticity.Due Dec 2017

 Ultra 1/4 Dhalsim

PCS Collectibles is proud to announce the Dhalsim 1:4 Ultra Statue! Featuring a dynamic figure sculpted using the latest in digital technology and an intricately detailed base modeled after Dhalsim’s original stage, this piece will breathe new life into any Street Fighter fans collection!

Size: 62 x 35 x 29 cm

Retail version contains:

– SFV Style Stretched Arm
– Certificate of Authenticity

– SFV Style Body
– SFV Style Blowing Head

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