Top 10 Superhero films you absolutely need to watch

10 x Superhero films you absolutely need to watch.

Everyone loves a hero, we love their swagger, their bravery and uncompromising tendency to do good even when the stakes are high and staked against them. For many years, comic books were the only way to get a glimpse into the world of superheroes. But with the advent of cable TV, Internet, Netflix and other technologies, we have been able to get a cinematic view of the world of superhero films. Today we will explore my own take on the very best of the best superhero films that you need to absolutely need to watch.

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  1. Superhero films – The Incredibles

OK, maybe not technically a movie but this animation was a pace setter in so many ways. With two Academy awards, this modern day superhero animation flick explored multiple themes in connection with superheroes, ranging from simple practicality of capes to the political and rich cultural subtexts like the public’s perception of superheroes as well as how a superhero’s actions have real consequences and might be cause of concern for all involved.  This film has been described in so many words from being slightly credible to truly incredible with one reviewer going on to speak of the film’s razzle dazzle as well as all the subtexts it presents. Whatever your perception on it, this Barry Bird written film, makes you want to think about how much we truly relate to this loveable and sometimes dysfunctional family. This film, rightly opens the list for the superhero films you need to watch.

  1. Superhero films – Spider-man

While Andrew Garfield’s two Spiderman movies made its case, in the evaluation for the best superhero movies you should absolutely watch and ultimately the best Spiderman movie, I stuck with the oldest classic of this very memorable character. Sam Raimi’s Spiderman presents you with a unique version of Spiderman, one in which Peter Parker was removed from his traditional role of high school student in day, wall crawler by night into a more socially awkward version of the character with dreams, aspirations and vulnerabilities. While the sequel also gave us moments of intense action and beautiful memories, who could ever forget that iconic quote Uncle Ben always distilled our young protagonist with? “With great power comes great responsibility” as well as the pain we all felt at his death or the long beautiful kiss between Spiderman and Mary Jane? Definitely not me.

  1. Superhero films – Guardians of the Galaxy.

OK, I literally, didn’t know characters like the Guardians of Galaxy existed. Marvel has made it a science to pick out unique and obscure properties that many do not believe will work and turning them into blockbusters. Filled with colour, fun and loveable characters like Starlord, Groot, Rocket, Drax and Gamora, we are plunged into a music filled, fighting journey across the galaxy. Of course having an ensemble cast of Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista and Zoe Zaldana didn’t hurt, and with a total box office gross of almost $800, it was a pretty solid investment. With really favourable ratings from fans and critics alike, this film makes its case as one of the best superhero films of all time. OK, maybe the most fun.

7. Superhero films – Dead pool

This movie is cinematic ingenuity in the making. Following the bombing of the earlier attempts to depict the “Merc with a mouth” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fox pulled out the big guns to make this one a success. Starring Ryan Reynolds (who incidentally acted in the same role in the first adaptation of the character in the already mentioned X-Men movie) and directed by Tim Miller, this incredibly creative adaptation of the character was well received by critics and viewers alike. With Fox opting for the option to showcase their character in all his vulgar glory, this was a beauty to watch. Sticking to the character’s real time narrative of events as if talking directly to the watchers, this antihero spoke directly to the audience as he led them on a journey of slashing, cutting and dissing all the while trying to get his girl back. And yes many may disagree on whether it should be on this list, but I think it deserves a nod for being one of the best superhero films ever made.

7. Superhero films – Superman

Top 10 Superhero films you absolutely need to watch

“You accuse me of insurrection? Has it now become a crime to cherish life?” Those words have never been truer than in the 1978 Christopher Reeves superman movie. Praised for its excellent use of special effects as well as top notch acting and storytelling, this was a true ode to the man of steel. Like most other superman movies, it was one of the most expensive movies of its time, but unlike others it was also the most successful superhero film of its time. The greatness of this film can be epitomised in two words: Christopher Reeves. With an ensemble cast involving Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando, Margot Kidder and a whole lot of other amazing and talented actors who were top of their game. This film helped shaped an era, when superhero movies generally tanked and many people were almost giving up on the practicality of it all. For a while this could be said to be the best superhero film you could find around.

5. Superhero films – Iron Man

Yes, I said it. Iron Man is not number one or two on this list (Sorry MCU fans). And yes my doors and windows are locked so no flying bricks coming in here. But seriously this movie was the one that started it all. With Kevin Feige led Marvel studios deciding to entrust the future of their future MCU franchise into the hand of the talented and incredible Robert Downey Jnr who at the time was thought to have lost his mojo. This was the key to this blissful movie. With a retelling of the classic comic book storyline, Iron man presented a corporate villain to the adrenalin charged armoured superhero with beautiful twists and turns all building up to a wonderful climax of events that let us truly appreciate the characters as we have seen them. Best quote of the movie? “I’m Ironman”

4. Superhero films – The Avengers

Top 10 Superhero films you absolutely need to watch

When the earth’s mightiest heroes initially met, they were anything but friendly, with Thor’s hammer and Hulk’s fist clashing, this movie set us up to enjoy the best 2 hours of superhero cinematic entertainment we had seen up to that point. With an ensemble cast, eloquent one liners and a generally good storytelling ability, this movie swept away movie goers with its beauty and simplistic execution. For the large part, Marvel succeeded in bringing together this amazing team that worked cohesively like a true unit and force to be reckoned with. This helped tackle the question once and for all if superhero teams could be successfully adapted for cinema and the really dynamic blend had lots of fun doing it.

3. Superhero films – Captain America: Civil War

Top 10 Superhero films you absolutely need to watch

After the actions of the Avengers in the age of Ultron movie and time line as well as their eventful outing in Lagos, the team was broken into two in a way that perfectly epitomised the contrasting nature of their values; Freedom and order. Two opposing set of people (led by the two leaders: Captain and Ironman) who wanted to make changes but disagreed on how it would be done.

The result? One of the contenders for best superhero films was made. This movie starring an ensemble cast of Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and a host of other amazing actors perfectly capturing the feelings the whole world might have been feeling when they suffered damage from Earth’s so called mightiest heroes that had tried to protect them. Another added bonus was the introduction of Tom Holland as Spiderman that really gave us a teenage Spiderman that we had been looking for. This is definitely a good watch but I would advise you to watch Captain America: Winter soldier as well as The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie before delving into this classic.

2. Superhero films – Logan

Top 10 Superhero films you absolutely need to watch

I hated seeing old man Logan, I hated the fact he couldn’t cut through as much opponents anymore. That his healing factor was reduced and he was a lot weaker in general compared to other versions of the character we had seen over the years. But this was arguably the best part of the Logan story. With many superhero movies showing relatively invulnerable characters this was an excellent breath of fresh air.

With excellent storytelling, perfectly choreographed fight scenes and the new dimensional art forms on display, this film certainly makes a case for being considered the best superhero film of all time (As stated by some people). The perfect dynamic duo of Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart looked really vulnerable on screen as they let fans in on the (Possibly) human nature of mutants as well as the decisions they had to live with for the lifetime of power they had enjoyed. With one of the closing acts of the movie involving the death of the protagonist Logan, it birth’s one of the most iconic superhero film quote you could ever hear. “So this is what it feels like?” What better way is there to say goodbye to our beloved Logan?

  1. Superhero films – The Dark Knight
Top 10 Superhero films you absolutely need to watch
Top 10 Superhero films you absolutely need to watch

“With respect master Wayne, perhaps this is a man you don’t fully understand either” those were the words used by Alfred Pennyworth to describe Christopher Nolan’s Joker played by the one and only Heath Ledger. This movie was a real cinematic showcase, depicting the Joker as a human yet truly inhumane threat to all that is sane. With an ensemble cast that involved Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Maggie Gyllenhaal, the Dark Knight movie pushed the boundaries of what a superhero film should be about.

Dark and gritty, with lots of suspense and mystery, the fans are treated to a cinematic variant of a game of chess which the characters are called to question their morals, motives and underlying principles behind every action. This transcends the everyday notion of good triumphing over evil with everyone watching truly wondering if the Joker might win just this once (Which in my opinion he did). This was by far the best movie version of the caped crusader to ever grace the silver screens. And as such I hereby proclaim it the best superhero film ever made (probably and yes, no bricks flew in through my window).

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