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New Tech Toys Android Pic Touch Screen Projector

New Tech Toys Android Pic Touch Screen Projector

New Tech Toys : Revolutionary devices are getting a run for their money with the Android Touch Pico Projector – A fitting, little thing that attaches to your cell phone, and turns any surface into a touch screen. Tech geeks and teachers unite – you will love the convenience of this hand-sized projector, ready at a moment’s notice for impromptu teaching moments, presentations and avant-garde activities. It’s also a great idea for students, and makes your homework and group presentations portable – No more waiting for classroom bookings to run a trial version of your intro. Psych. Collaboration, before your scheduled project date – Thank Freud for Android!

New Tech Toys

When all the hard work is done, you can also play games on this thing – Turn any surface into a big screen video game! Slay monstrous dragons in Middle Earth Shadow of War, soar above a life-like city-scape in Star Wars Battlefront 2, and get hooked in the animation with magnificent, visual images in Dangonronpa V3 – See? There’s artwork in your most time-consuming activities, like an enrichment class. New Tech Toys for the future, the Android Touch Pic Projector is your excuse to play all day, and your guests will be impressed.

Although the touch screen becomes large, when you’re in charge, the device, itself, is small in size and weight (about the size of your cell phone and weighs the same). For a low cost, especially right now, before it’s even out yet, we think it comes with a big payoff (think, movie theatre worthy presentations, lessons and gaming), so everything you see on your hand held device, gets a major upgrade.

New Tech Toys

New Tech Toys for the big screen!

Pico is a Projector, Android PC, and full-sized, touch screen, all in one. The best part is the versatility of these new tech toys, and it can be used for further interaction, as well. For example, it comes with a stylus pen, which allows you to touch the wall to scroll through screens, just as you would on your cell phone or an iPad. Not only that, you can interact with others as well; View your Skype chats and video conferences from any surface, at all – What a concept! Gone are the days of booking the computer lab and finding a set of headphones or scheduling a conference in a boardroom to connect with others. Now, it’s as easy as getting out your phone, hooking up the Pico and projecting your life onto a flat surface, anywhere you are.

Convenience just became convenient – How convenient!

What we like most about this innovation, is that it’s user friendly. The control buttons on the touch screen surface (i.e. wherever you choose to project your screen) is just the same as you see it on your phone – so it doesn’t take a lot of time to figure out how to work it; if you have an Android Phone, you should already know how. The technology behind the scenes is pretty in depth, but for our imaginations, it runs on infrared light and a bunch of Apps.

Android Pic Touch Screen Projector,Coming soon in 2018.

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