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Far Cry 5 Video Game Preview PS4 Xbox ,PC

Far Cry 5 Video Game Preview PS4 Xbox ,PC

Far cry 5 Video Game – One of the better video games coming soon. The fans of the game series are all waiting impatiently for the latest release in the series of games. Fate County, Montana is the setting of this delightful game as players slug it out against the cult known as the Project of Eden’s Gate.

Far Cry 5


Far cry 5 Video Game as with all other versions developed by the prolific Ubisoft features new characters in the usual lawless shared frontier. The story as usual features an extensive ensemble of villains as revealed on the Ubisoft website. The Project at Eden’s gate is headed by Joseph Seed is determined to “Save your soul at all costs-whether you want it or not”. Other prominent members of the cult include John Seed, Faith Seed and Jacob Seed.

The player in the game plays as a fully customizable character who acts as the deputy sheriff of the town. The character can be customized to fit the likes of the actual player according to gender or race. Far cry 5 Video Game is open to cooperative play in story mode as well, allowing a much more flexible and interactive gaming experience.

The Plot

The plot is directly lifted from previous games with similar elements revolving round reclaiming an over run city from a fanatic cult. To do so, the player gets to use guns for hire, fangs for hire as well as friends for hire to help him win the wall against the overzealous invaders. Unlike other games this one is set in America for the first time in Far cry 5 Video Game

Far Cry 5 allows players access to various weapons of choice ranging from guns to clubs. Transport in the game environment is taken care of as well as the choices for transport including cars, tractors. Planes and aircraft are also used extensively for the first time as well.


The game is already available for pre-order on the Ubisoft website pending the 2018 release. It will be available on PlayStation, X-Box one as well as PC.

Reception to FC5

Generally, expectations have been high for the new game. Ubisoft has been releasing snippets about the new game via their website as they prepare for their February release date.

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