TV Show News : 6 New Netflix shows to look out for

TV Show News : 6 New Netflix shows to look out for

TV Show News – There is nothing like a little TV show news to spice up the day. And today we will focus on Netflix. Netflix just loves dazzling the audience. Ever since it’s inception the company has gone from strength to strength with its ingenious marketing policies and exceptional execution. One of such marketing and growth strategies has been the development of content that is exclusive to Netflix. With each bit of TV show news concerning Netflix, we are left amazed and hoping that this dreamboat does not stop anytime soon.

Netflix originals as they are called, have more than expanded the horizons of the media giant so fast that it is hard to think of movie media without thinking Netflix. But what does Netflix plan for you amazing viewers in the coming weeks?


TV Show News Dark:

When Stranger things made it’s Netflix debut, it was an instant hit. Looks like Netflix have taken a cue from their previous successes and have now adapted Stranger things 2.0. With a premise that is eerily similar and borderline replica, this series is set to aggravate the passion we all feel for dark, thrilling mysteries to a whole new level.

The story as it happens is set in the town of Winden where a teenage boy, Erik has disappeared. His disappearance is really startling and chilling and yet, the worst evidently, is yet to come. Mikkel, a young boy also disappears from the town. This is evidently really unsettling as now, with two kids missing, the whole town is on edge. Tying time manipulation with amazing storytelling, this series promises to be an amazing experience. Dark is set to debut on 1st of December 2017.

TV Show News – Kiss Me First

TV Show News

One thing about any bit of TV show news is that it has the potential to go anyway. This is definitely the case with Kiss Me First. Not much is known about Kiss Me First but knowing Netflix, it is going to be impressive. Meet Leila, a lonely 17-year-old girl, who gets sucked up into the virtual reality gaming world. Agora, as this world is known is really a wonder to behold. While in Agora, Leila meets Tess, a confident girl who seems to harbor a dark secret. Things go south however when Tess goes missing. Filled with mystery, gritty and amazing CGIs, this series might not be groundbreaking, but it most definitely will be interesting.

Kiss me first is set to debut Dec 2017.

TV Show News – Watership Down

New TV Shows

Based on the popular Watership Down novel by Richard Adams. This fantasy adventure focuses on a band of rabbits as they try to find a new home. Set in rural England, this heartwarming tale of survival is a must watch family series. These rabbits show just what can be accomplished with a little determination and guts. Tackling real issues, this four-episode series tackles the results of man’s actions in a way we can empathize with.

Watership Down is due Dec 2017.

TV Show News – Prison PlayBook

Prison Playbook stays closer to home. Set in a relatively simple world where teenagers can just be teenagers. A young girl gets her own apartment but with a catch. She has to stay with the most popular boy. What could possibly go wrong? What’s worse? No one,can now. This teenage drama with a sense of mystery might just be what you need to spice up the movie nights.

Prison Playbook is set to debut on 28th November 2017.

TV Show News – Edha

Edha, Edha, Edha. This drama series of Argentinian origin has a captivating storyline and a trending message to boot. Edha is a young trendsetting fashionista who knows the ins and outs of the fashion world. Partnering up with a young and mysterious muse, all is rosy. This is, until the lies and secrets spill and it becomes a game of survival.

Edha is set to debut December 2017.

TV Show News – Lego Elves

Lego Elves? Yes, Lego Elves. The Netflix series has been causing some waves on Netflix for a while now. The animated series follows the adventures of the bumbling Emily Jones as she makes her way to become Elvendale protector from the forces that would see it fall.

Additionally, Lego Elves is family friendly and just the perfect show to watch with the whole family.

So as normal with all TV show news, expectations are running high and rightly so. Netflix has made it habit of dropping hit series after hit series and so have deserve all the attention right now.

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