50 of the Best 2018 Movies to look forward to (Bucket List)


The third and final instalment in the Maze Runner series has got fans holding their breath. Our protagonist, Thomas must lead a team of Gladers as attempt their most dangerous mission so far.

In this much awaited, we are in for a treat. Ocean’s 8 is a combination of kickass one-liners, daring heist plot and loveable female characters.


  • Pacific Rim : Uprising: 22 March 2018. Directed by Steven S. Deknight

A new generation of characters gets a new and creative take on the Pacific Rim series. In a future where humanity once again has to defend itself using giant humanoid robots or face extinction,


  • Hellboy 3 : 11 January 2018. Directed by Neil Marshall.

After 10 years off the silver screen, Hell boy is making its way back to our screens again. This latest venture follows Hellboy as he races to England in a faceoff against Merlin’s oldest and most powerful consort while trying to save the world.



  • The Equalizer 2 : 10 August 2018. Directed by Antoine Fuqua.

The ever charismatic Denzel Washington is set to star in this sequel to the 2018 blockbuster. The Equalizer is a movie series that focuses on a retired gun for hire who takes vengeance on people who have abused their privileges.


  • Creed 2 : 21 November 2018. Directed Steven Caple Jr.

You all knew this would be on this list. After the successes of the original creed movie, it is not surprising a sequel this soon. With a captivating story about vengeance and honoring family, we understand why the expectations for it are high.


  • Johnny English 3 : 21 October 2018. Directed by David Kerr.

When Rowan Atkinson isn’t acting Mr. Bean, he is kicking some bad guy’s ass down in Bermuda as our favorite agent Johnny English.

  • Escape Plan 2 : Hades: 17 May 2018. Directed by Steven C. Miller.

Everyone always prays they could have a life half as exciting as that of Sylvester Stallone. Breaking out of prisons is no easy feat and we would pay good money to all watch it done. I guess that is why the hype around escape plan is so much.


  • Black Water : 22 February 2018. Directed by Pasha Patriki.Starring dolph lundgren & Jean Claud Van Dam

Secrets and blood spill in this epic spy action movie. The plot follows a CIA agent who wakes up to find himself a prisoner in a secret CIA base. Now he must escape and find out who framed him.

  • Hurricane Heist : 9 March 2018. Directed by Rob Cohen.

You know a movie is hyped when it is billed “By the director of The Fast and The Furious and XXX”.

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