50 of the Best 2018 Movies to look forward to (Bucket List)

  • Mission Impossible 6 : 27 July 2018. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Ethan Hunt, the IMF agent is coming back to our screens again. Though the plot to this particular adventure is unknown, it is bound to be exciting as all the others have been.




  • Venom : 5 October 2018. Directed by Ruben Fleisher.

Though the plot is unknown, two things make this movie stand out. It is going to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe more or less and it is going to star Tom Hardy. That is enough for all sorts of hype in our books.


  • Scarface Remake: 10 August 2018 movies .

Al Pacino made this a cult classic and now to our delight, it is back to the big screen. Scarface remake will feature a plotline most likely similar to the first one but will carry a healthy dose of freshness for the younger generation.


  • 12 Strong : 26 January 2018. Directed by Nicolai Fuglsig.

Captain Mitch Nelson must lead a team of Special Forces into Afghanistan for a dangerous mission.


We loved the X-men film franchise and now, we are getting the next installment to the franchise. New mutants is about a group of young mutants who fight for their freedom from captivity.


This Biological Thriller will be directed by Clint Eastwood. It is the story of three Americans who must save the people on a train that is on a pathway to Paris.


  • The Predator : 3 August 2018. Directed by Shane Black.

When the leader of a military rescue team, Major Dutch Schaefer, leads his team to rescue stranded allies, he never would have imagined the enemy they were going to face.

2018 Movies


Alita is a cyborg who must use her abilities to fight deadly forces and uncover the truth in her past.




  • Bumblebee: 21 December 2018. Directed by Travis Knight.

In the latest Transformers enterprise, Bumblebee, the amazing and youthful robot meets Charlie, a young and vibrant lady.Preview no Official Trailer yet.2018 movies


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