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How to make a Replica Star Wars Lightsabre that cuts through things..?

Replica Star Wars Lightsabre that actually cuts through things..?

This Replica Star Wars Lightsabre was made by qualified engineers. Plz do not try this at home unless you are certified.

The Replica Star Wars Lightsabre, sometimes referred to as a laser sword, is a weapon used by the Jedi, the Sith, and other Force-sensitives. Lightsabers consist of a plasma blade, powered by a kyber crystal, that is emitted from a usually metal hilt and can be shut off at will. It is a weapon that required skill and training, and is greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with the Force. Though also used by the Sith, the lightsaber is synonymous with the Jedi, with some in the galaxy believing only Jedi can use lightsabers.

Replica Star Wars Lightsabre are generally used for both offense and defense. A lightsaber can cut through virtually anything, from enemies to blast doors. The only ways to block the incoming attack of a lightsaber is with a weapon made with material that conducts energy, such as an electrostaff, Z6 riot control baton, some rare metals or simply another lightsaber. When used defensively, a Force-sensitive can deflect blaster bolts with a lightsaber, and with skill, can even reflect the shots back toward the shooter or some other target. Experienced Jedi can even employ their lightsabers to absorb Force lightning. Most practitioners use one single-bladed lightsaber, though some use double-bladed lightsabers or even multiple lightsabers at once.(source wookiepedia)


Replica Star Wars Lightsabre Working Test Video.


Some Replica Star Wars Lightsabre Question’s answered by Creators

It’s not a lightsaber, it’s a protosaber!

Yes, and if you watch the whole video, you’ll see that is exactly what we call it 😉

Voltage doesn’t kill, current does!

It’s important to know what that actually means before repeating it. It only takes a few miliamps to stop a heart. But to stop a heart, the electricity has to GO THROUGH YOUR HEART. The human body, especially skin, has extremely high resistance. So for most small electronics projects, you’re completely safe. The quoted “safe range” for DC is around 50V. This means your skin has enough resistance to prevent the flow of current through your body, and through your heart. As that voltage goes up, that’s when you start to get in trouble.

If you have ANY kind of unregulated power supply (like this one) it WILL be able to provide enough current to kill you. But only if the voltage is high enough to pass said current through your heart. This battery pack can put out hundreds of amps. More then enough to fry you. And 300V is more than enough voltage to break down your skins resistance. Please, please PLEASE research electricity — the more you know, the safer you can be while doing projects. e.g. WHAT WE ARE DOING IS NOT SAFE!

How does the blade not bend!

It did actually start to bend a bit, but in our revised design (likely a tungsten core) it will not. We plan on making two, and yes, we plan on fighting with them!

Where’s the test!?

Patience young padawan. These videos take time to film and edit! Make sure you’re subscribed with notifications turned on!

This isn’t a lightsaber!

Yeah well unfortunately even if we could contain a laser powerful enough in beam form… the laser emitter would be the size of the room in order to get any actual cutting power. Containing plasma, like a plasma cutter, could be possible, but still difficult to make into lightsaber form. Our design is the closest to a functional lightsaber, as it will be able to cut things, it looks like it, and it sounds like it. Remember, how a “lightsaber works” is a work of fiction… invented by an author, not an engineer. The physics of how it’s “supposed to work” just don’t.

I want to see more!

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