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Infinity War Epilogue: Most powerful Avenger / Guardian? Thor? Dr.Strange? StarLord?

Infinity War Epilogue:

Q1. Who is the most powerful Avenger/Guardian after watching Infinity War?? Thor or Dr. Strange? StarLord?

Q2. Why was Hulk such a “weakling”, when will we see “Berserker Rage” Hulk? I want Hulk to finish off Thanos in Avengers 4 with a Hulk Smackdown!

Q3. Rocket the Last Guardian. Kinda has a nice ring to it? No?

Honestly don’t know what to be more excited about for Avengers 4!

Original Avengers delivering a sound beating for Thanos? Plus Rocket. Anyone notice that Rocket was the only Guardian left standing? Clearly he will have a big role. Could this image below released by Marvel Studios in Jan 2018 hint at whats to come? Many sites are thinking Ant Man and Wasp’s trip to the Quantum Realm may have something to do with bringing in Captain Marvel but we think Rocket has a MAJOR role.

In the comics Captain Marvel joined the Guardians when Star Lord vanished, but as the Captain Marvel Movie is set in the 1990’s there are many Time Travel theories going round.

Stark, Banner and Rocket could build a Time Machine. Rocket is the engineer after all! Now that would be one heck of an Infinity War Epilogue part two!

That Infinity War trailer again for a quick reminder. There were a few false flags in the trailer but so what it made the move even more fun! Marvel have taught us they can surprise us and I bet they will again!

Bring on Avengers Endgame. 2019 will be an Epic year with the conclusion to both Avengers AND Game of Thrones around the same time! Cant Wait!

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