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Why we love movies & the Impact on Society – Today in 2018

Why we love movies & the Impact on Society – Today in 2018

Love Movies ? Movies have become a new way to address economic, social and political issues in the society. Where people fail to put across their messages or agenda, movies have a way of communicating them to the people. Back in the day movies were known to have served the purpose of just entertaining. In the present day, movies have become the voice of the voiceless.

A movie with the title “Black Panther” was produced which portrayed Africa as an elite continent with great knowledge and high technological advancement. It painted the black African people as civil and well put people. 

Not only do movies address social issues, they are also an eye-opener to the world that surrounds us. There are children suffering in other parts of the world and movies manage to capture such events to appeal to privileged people for help by generating touching emotions with the given audience. Watch the indie movie above, its full length and actually quite good!

A lot of online casino games found  have been themed into blockbuster movies with most of the Movies having great scenes of card games. Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack tend to be a favourite of Hollywood producers in action and thriller movies. Think James Bond, Iron Man, Black Panther and so many other movies with casino scenes. Its a major plot device!

Movies also bring humour, laughs, and pleasure to people watching them thereby having a relaxing effect on them. Movies are somewhat a good exercise for the brain as they widen the imagination and captivate the mind. Just like music with different genres, movies also come in different genres as they are comedy, thriller, horror, and romantic movies to name a few.

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Love Movies ? Then Comic Book Movies News is big news these days. Everyday we are getting excited by the newest releases from Marvel, DC and other film studios. Did you see the Worlds of DC Aquaman trailer? This is an epic age for comic book movie fans with so many cool releases in the pipeline. Better save those pennies to watch them all!

There are so many ways to watch movies these days. From YouTube to Netflix to Sky to Amazon Movies to Google Play to Apple iTunes.


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