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Microsoft Program ASP.NET 70-486 Exam Tips -Developing MVC Web Applications – Tech News

Microsoft Program ASP.NET 70-486 Exam Tips – Developing MVC Web Applications – Tech News.

Microsoft Program ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

If you are from the Microsoft Program ASP.NET background you know why MVC has become popular over web forms. Model View Controller architecture is very smooth and testable – that’s whyit is very popular across the industry. Passing 70-486 exam will prove your knowledge in applicationdevelopmentwithASP.NET MVC. I have been using Microsoft Program ASP.NET for last 4 years. I found it very interesting and nailed the testat the very first attempt. In this article, I will go through all the sections of the test and will give you some tips that you canuse to pass the exam on the first try. Believe me, it is not tough if you have a proper guidance and preparation. Let’s get started.


Skills measured for Microsoft Program ASP.NET MVC – 70-486:

  • Overall Application Structure
  • Designing of Build and Deployment Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Application
  • Security Implementation

Microsoft Program ASP.NET What to expect?

Now let us go through the exam structure. The test will consist of three case studies, multiple choices, multiple answer type questionsand drag and drop question sets:

  • Case study 1 –about 4 questions
  • Case Study 2 –about 5 questions
  • Case Study 2 –about 6 questions
  • 33 miscellaneous questions


The overall number of questions will be around 45-55.The passing score for this exam is 700 points out of total 1000.

Source: https://www.examsnap.com/70-486-dumps.html



For whom this exam is intended?


  • IT professionals/students who develop NET MVC applications or want to design them
  • Students with experience in the life cycle of software development
  • Professionals that developing and deploysolutionsin a multi-tier environment including Azure
  • Candidates who plan to design user intercommunication solutions based on customer requirement.


Microsoft Program ASP.NET – Tips for preparation

The first and foremost thing is to find the objectives of the exam before starting to study for the test. The objectives which tell you what to focus on, there is no point to go through all the information available. Simply direct your efforts and take one topic at a time, objective by objective. This is the key to success. You can refer the official Microsoft website for the latest topics for 70-486 exam.

After you have found the exam objectives, pay attention to Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) Jump Start videos, the tutorials that are very distinctive and detail. Go through all the video to get a better grasp ofarchitectural patterns and learn how to create a model, view, and controller part of the application.

You can also find numerous courses on YouTube which clearly state the objectives and concepts that are required for the exam. My personal opinion is that video-based learning helps you to grasp the concepts better. Not to mentions, Plural Sight videos are also great and detailed courses from which you can learn core concepts of the architectural patterns and all the rest.

Besides the video, you can refer to some awesome books in MVC. Some of the greatest books which I have read and may recommend to everybody are:

  • Professional ASP.NET Site MVC 5 (by Brad Wilson, K. Scott Allen, David Matson and Jon Galloway). This book is considered a bible for ASP.NET MVC and has very detailed concepts for beginners. It is very good for professionals as well. I can recommend this book for your preparation.
  • Exam Ref 70-486 Developing MVC 4 Web Applications (MCSD), Book by William Penberthy. This is also a good book that gives a high-level concept for the architectural pattern. It is also considered as a great material for revision of the fundamental concepts before the exam.

After reading the books and proper revision I suggest another tip – last but not least.The most important thing of all – is to get your hands dirty, write some codes which you have learned. Download and install the Visual Studio Express Edition which is free, and start writing what you have learned in books. Personally, I suggest you develop a simple website utilizing all the core concepts you know now.

Follow thetips mentioned above,and you will nail the exam just like I did – at the first attempt.

My personal experience with the Microsoft Program ASP.NET 70-486 exam

I am a professional developer and I work on Windows Forms and web form before I was introduced to MVC. At the beginning, it was a bit overwhelming but the more I learned the more I began to love it. So I just went to get the certification. I followed the exact tips which I gave you in the above sections and soonI started building pocket-friendly apps using the core concepts I learned from the immense resources present on the web. After I was confident about the test I started taking various practice tests and started to observe which parts of the exam I was weak and needed to focus on. Then I started focusing on the concepts I lagged in the practice test, and came back stronger and scored a little higher than before. I honestly gave 2 months for the preparation, 4 hours every day. It may take a different time scale for you depending upon the exposure you have with the field and how much you have done with your hands. At last, came a day for the registration and the place was one of PearsonVue centers. Be sure to follow the instructions you are given in the exam receipt and take a good amount of rest before the day of the test. And if everything will go well, you will clear the exam at the first attempt – if I can, you can. Best of Luck!


Microsoft 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications is one of the popular web developer exams. The exam fee is very small and the advantage is immense, so what are you waiting for? Follow the above tips and get your certification.



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