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New Team Sonic Racing – Trailer PS4 – Xbox – Nintendo – Video Game News

New Team Sonic Racing – Trailer PS4 – Xbox – Nintendo – Video Game News

New Team Sonic Racing returns with friends in the newest announcement from SEGA. Pre-order Sonic Racing on PS4 ,Xbox & Nintendo today and prepare to go very very fast! Due Dec 2018.

Team Sonic Racing

Prepare for the race of your life with Sonic the Hedgehog and friends in Team Sonic Racing ! With 15 playable characters, you can customize your vehicles to win in style.

In Team Sonic Racing a variety of game modes are available including single-player and various multiplayer modes too.  Go online and play with 11 other players, enjoy 4-person split screen mode or enjoy one of the various online AND offline modes including Grand Prix Mode and Team Adventure Mode.

Team Sonic Racing

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Team Sonic Racing players take control of one of 15 characters from the series’ cast and compete in races using sports cars. Gameplay is viewed from a third-person perspective, with players driving performing tricks, drifting, and collecting power-ups. Team Sonic Racing differs from traditional kart racers because of its focus on cooperative gameplay; the player is part of a team of racers, and races are won by efficiency rather than speed.

Yes, you read that right. You can join forces and race as a team to combine powers and then win as a team. Use your moves to help assist other teammates and unleash havoc as you race in high speed and complete the laps to win.

There are 3 distinct characters types in the game , you can choose from within the 15 playable characters from the iconic Sonic universe: Speed, Technique and Power! Pick one and then alter their appearance so they are race ready, and then you can customize your racing vehicle. Race exactly the way you wish as you adapt and change your vehicle to suit your driving skills!

The game is being developed by Sumo Digital for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Pre-order This Great New Game Today !!

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Learn more about Sonic Mania Video Game on Official Sonic Twitter 

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