7 x Binge Worthy Netflix Shows for 2018 – Best Netflix TV Series

7 x Binge Worthy Netflix Shows for 2018 – Best Netflix TV Series

Binge Worthy Netflix Shows for 2018 – Best Netflix TV Series.As you well know, Netflix was the one who coined the term ” binge watching.” And it’s no wonder that the streaming service is so popular among aficionados, considering that it boasts one of the largest databases of homemade series and movies. So, if you’re in the mood for a little marathon, here’s our choice of Binge Worthy Netflix Shows. Grab that popcorn and binge away the day.


Binge Worthy Netflix Shows – 1/ Better Call Saul

What better way to open the festivities than calling in a true classic? Better Call Saul is, without a doubt, one of the most appreciated series on Netflix. Having had received countless nominations for writing, acting, and directing, the series revolve around the exploits of Jimmy McGill, an ex-convict who’s now a lawyer at the Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill law firm.

Not many know, but Better Call Saul was written as a spin-off prequel to critically-acclaimed Breaking Bad, Jimmy McGill being the before pic of Saul Goodman. The series becomes an entanglement of deceit, drama, and the criminal underground.

Surely, Better Caul Saul is appreciated for its visceral storytelling and what happens when something goes from bad to unimaginably worse. All 4 Seasons / 23 Episodes are Available now Here !


Binge Worthy Netflix Shows – 2/ Happy

Talk about gritty and gut-wrenching storytelling, one show that shouldn’t be miss is Happy! Don’t let the title deceive you because there’s nothing happy nor amusing about this Netflix series that takes violence to the next level. Happy tells the story of Nick Sax, a very upset and dysfunctional detective that becomes a hitman. Sax’s life takes a turn for the worse after he suffers a crippling heart attack.

Upon waking up, the detective turned hitman, starts seeing a blue unicorn. He will soon find out that the mythical critter is, in fact, his daughter’s imaginary friend who has come to warn the detective about the danger the little girl has gotten herself in.Watch Happy Here

Binge Worthy Netflix Shows – 3/ Aggretsuko

How about a little anime to make things a little more interesting? Be warned that Aggretsuko is nothing if not cringy. In fact, the storytelling’s so good, that one cannot abstain from identifying with one or more of the characters. This Netflix series narrates the story of Retsuko, a red panda who works for a major Japanese corporation.

Wanting to become a model employee, Retsuko would do just about anything to make new friends or to impress her bosses. However, a 9-to-5 corporate job is no bed of roses and frustrations are sure to pop up every now and then. Luckily, Retsuko has the best imaginable way to deal with all her work-related problems – death metal karaoke.

Aggretsuko is not one really the kind of TV show you decide to watch when browsing Netflix’s database. That is mostly because anime has a very specific fan base, and not everybody is opened to watching an anime-style cartoon if they don’t particularly like the genre.

That is why we recommend you browse netflix series reviews on specialized websited before skipping a recommandation. The presentation clips often don’t do justice to the TV shows in Netflix’s database and it would be a shame to miss out on some if them just because the short clip didn’t convince you. Watch the Full Series Here 


Binge Worthy Netflix Shows – 4/ Orange is the New Black

Drama, intense sex scenes, and how jail life can change a person – these are the ingredients that define Orange is the New Black, a Netflix original that casts a new kind of light of what happens behind the wall of a women’s prison. Part comedy and part drama, Orange is the New Black focuses on the story of Piper Chapman, a New Yorker who get 15 months of detention over a drug-related charge. Chapman’s stay in prison reveals the spiraling road of the human resolve once it has been stripped of liberty. Watch all 6 Seasons of this Great Show Here.


Binge Worthy Netflix Shows – 5/ Twin Peaks

Nothing spells out cult-classic more accurate than Twin Peaks. Netflix’s 2017 reboot is just as good, if not better than the original, showing the same offbeat humor, with a hint of surrealism, and of course, David Lynch’s distinct take on cinema. Story-wise, Twin Peaks focuses on the detective work of Agent Dale Cooper; a Special FBI Agent sent to the eerily quiet mountain town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer, a homecoming queen. Agent Cooper will soon discover that Twin Peaks is anything but quiet.


Binge Worthy Netflix Shows – 6/ Sherlock


Sherlock Holmes’ story has been told so many times, that hardly anyone could be impressed. Or so we thought. Set in modern-day London, Sherlock re-retells the tale of witty and cynical Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective, and Scotland Yards only hope. Holmes’ life will take a completely different turn after filling out an ad about sharing his apartment. Here enters Dr. Watson, a PTSD-stricken Afghanistan vet with an ego to match Sherlock’s.Watch all the 3 Season’s of Sherlock Here.


Binge Worthy Netflix Shows – 7/ Broadchurch

A compelling detective-style series, focusing on the murder of an eleven-year-old and how his death took a toll on the seemingly quiet town in Dorset.  Of course, the series success was not doubted, the merit of David Tenant and, of course, the ever-charming Olivia Colman. Although the series has only three seasons, it will be sure to keep you on edge for hours at an end.


As you can see, Binge Worthy Netflix Shows have yet to run dry. These Great Netflix Shows are sure to pique your attention for a long time !!

Author Credit : Erik Winther from Netflixguides.com



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