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MFKZ Trailer Animation Movie HD – Official (2018)

MFKZ Trailer Animation Movie HD – Official (2018) HD – Mutafukaz released as MFKZ in the United States is a 2017 Franco-Japanese animated film based on the comic series of the same name. It was co-directed by the creator of the comics Guillaume “Run” Renard in collaboration with Shoujirou Nishimi of Studio 4°C. Co-directed by Renard and Shoujirou Nishimi, GKIDS will release the film on October 11, 2018 including a new English-language version.

MFKZ Trailer Animation Movie HD - Official  (2018)
MFKZ Trailer Animation Movie HD – Official (2018)

This darkly humored genre mash-up with grindhouse aesthetics follows a peculiar tenant in an LA-like dystopian city who discovers he possesses incredible powers and a damning legacy. It looks absolutely bonkers, as you can see for yourself in the  new trailer.

MFKZ Trailer Animation Movie Synopsis

MFKZ Trailer Animation Movie HD - Official  (2018)

MFKZ Trailer – In Dark Meat City (DMC), a young woman, carrying an infant, is chased by black suited men lead by Bruce Macchabe. The woman and her infant are saved by a dog who spouts tentacles with Bruce referring to it as a “traitor”. The woman leaves the infant in a dumpster where it is found by the dog and the woman is captured and killed by Bruce.

Years later, the infant, now a grown young adult named Angelino, lives in a run down apartment with his flaming skull headed friend Vinz and their numerous cockroaches who act as their “pets”. While making a delivery, Angelino spots Luna, a beautiful young woman, and is suddenly struck by a truck, resulting in him losing his job. The next day while hanging out with their bat-like friend Willy, Angelino begins experiencing headaches and visions with certain people displaying misshapen tentacle shadows. The trio realize they are being chased by men in black and manage to defeat and outrun them.

Later, a SWAT team storms Angelino’s and Vinz’s apartment, which triggers Angelino to unleash a hidden power and defeat them. The cockroaches also leave to search for Angelino while a Luchador tells his fellow comrades about a vision he had about a potential evil they must combat. Willy gives Angelino and Vinz a house to stay in though they are later found by the men in black, who engage the local gangs in a gun fight. Angelino and Vinz escape by stealing an ice cream truck, while one of the men in black, Agent Crocodile, vows revenge.

Angelino and Vinz make it to the restaurant they frequent by and run into Luna who appears to sympathize with them. However, it is revealed that she is involved with the men in black and they are captured. Angelino meets Luna’s father, Mr. K, who reveals that he is part of an extraterrestrial race called the Macho who have already invaded earth and have many members in authoritative roles. Their plan is to inflict global warming in an attempt to terraform the planet as they cannot withstand cold temperatures. Angelino is the result of a human woman and a Macho father whose eloping was considered treasonous. Mr. K tries to convince Angelino to accept his Macho side by killing Vinz but Luna starts to sympathize with Angelino after having a vision of his mother’s sacrifice.

The cockroaches, who have managed to find Angelino, are followed by the Luchadores who have begun believing the visions. Angelino fights his urge to kill Vinz and they escape their confines. However, Angelino falls unconscious, but he and Vinz are rescued by the Luchadores who have also freed a scientist named Professor Fagor. They make it to a secluded shack in the desert where the Luchadores and Fagor have begun building a rocket while Angelino and Vinz escape.

MFKZ Trailer Animation Movie Directed by
Shoujirou Nishimi , Guillaume Renard
MFKZ Written by Guillaume Renard
Based on Mutafukaz by Guillaume Renard
MFKZ Production company  Ankama Studio 4°C

MFKZ Running time 90 minutes

MFKZ – Visit the Official Japanese Website

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