Top 5 computer desks to buy in 2018 – Gaming Desk

Top 5 computer desks / gaming desk to buy in 2018

A computer desk is a piece of furniture that centers most, if not all of your activities in the office, which is why you must be intentional in choosing one. Ideally, the computer desk should be functional, durable, and by all means attractive to the eye to complement your office décor.

Various models and designs of computer desks exist in the market, ranging from basic and standard design without storage room, to large complex designs with storage space for such other things like keyboards and mice. The following five make it to the list for the top computer desks to consider in 2018:

Atlantic gaming desk

The Atlantic gaming desk cuts as a favourite computer desk aka gaming desk, particularly for gamers, given the numerous storage space for game accessories like speakers, discs, monitors, among others. This gaming desk is made from futuristic lightweight steel rods, giving it the sturdiness required to withstand the weight placed on it.

gaming desk

The gaming desk features a carbon fiber finish for the work surface, making it smooth to work from, with a large keyboard tray that can fit a full-sized keyboard plus a mouse pad. The desk has multiple other storage space, including, speaker trays, monitor stand, game storage rack, headphone hook, and cup holder, among others. The desk has level feet that happen to be gentle on most floors, which again is a plus for this option.

Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner desk

If you are looking for a spacious and lightweight desk that is easy to assemble, then the Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece corner desk is the perfect choice for you. This desk has enough space for multiple monitors and desktops and other documents you may have, thus providing you with ample space to work on while at the office.

The desk has a sturdy design that is modern, sleek and professional looking, although not very much an eye-catcher aesthetically speaking. With the 3-piece feature, the computer desk can be assembled in an L shape or the long segment. The glass top adds to the sophistication of the desk, although might not be strong enough to handle heavyweight components, not to mention the lack of extra storage space.

Tribesigns Modern desk

The Tribesigns desk is a desk characterized by simplicity and practicality. The desk has a steel frame that has a powder coating, which makes it sturdy and durable. The top of the desk is laminated providing a smooth work surface while withstanding frequent use, without giving up to tear and wear.

This desk is available in a variety of colors, making it an ideal desk for people looking to diversify their room with a statement piece.

Bush Furniture Cabot L-shaped Desk

The Bush Furniture Cabot L-shaped Desk is the best desk that overs the best value for your money in the way it comes with good looks and amazing features, making the perfect blend of style and functionality. This desk is made with ample storage space with handy trays for storing small electronics, say, mobile phones, a box drawer for an open storage shelf for larger items, like files and stacks of documents.

The furniture has a large work surface that is chrome finished, fluted glass doors for the storage spaces, and technological features like integration with four-port USB hub for connectivity and convenience.

Sauder Orchard Computer Desk

Although the Sauder Orchard Computer desk does not feature solid wood construction, it has been rated for durability and sturdiness. The desk is affordably-priced at around $154, which is more convenient than most computer desks can offer.

The desk comes with different features like sliding drawers for keyboard storage, two extra drawers, with plenty of room on the top for a laptop, monitor, and a couple of files. It has a simple design that is classic and aesthetically versatile.


The computer desk you choose must comply with your storage needs, ample workspace, functionality, among other top factors of priority. This list of the best five computer desks should give you a clear picture of what to look for in a computer desk.

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