New York Comic Con 2018 news, NYCC trailers announcements, videos, images

New York Comic Con 2018 news, NYCC trailers, announcements, pictures, videos. Enjoy.

There is a lot more to come from NYCC 2018. Three more days to go so watch this space for more updates. Everyone is expecting the Hellboy trailer to be shared. I doubt Marvel are done and so much cool stuff from DC already. If only we could get an Avengers 4 trailer, now that would really break the internet!

Daredevil season 3 trailer – Is that a new Daredevil? Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin is back and he can only think about destroying Matt Murdock

See main featured trailer above. So who is the other Daredevil? Lots of people think its finally Bullseye. It would make sense for Fisk to hire a hitman to help take down Daredevil. Especially as it looks like Fisk is going for Daredevil’s reputation.

NYCC Titans trailer premiere DC’s Titans show is going to be more than that ‘Fuck Batman’ scene . Has the DC Universe Titans series found a happy, teen-angsty medium between DC Cinematic and the CW Universe aka Arrowverse

Warning this is not Teen Titans Go or any other version of Titans you may be used to. Its gritty, dark, moody. You will never look at Beast Boy in the same way again. It looks like they are building up the main protagonist to be Trigon. Or will it be Raven herself?

Harley Quinn cartoon trailer takes the mickey out of Deadpool and DC’s dark, moody films. Harley brakes the fourth wall  in style

NYCC 2018 Marvel Contest of Champions Tournament Day 1

Have a gander at Hasbro’s latest Marvel toys from NYCC!

New York Comic Con 2018 news can’t be news without some toys news

She-Ra and The Princess of Power Trailer on Netflix. Yes she is back. Can He-Man be far behind?

Hasbro Reveals New Amazing Line-Up of Marvel Legends at NYCC

Marvel-Avengers-Infinity-War-Legends-Series-6-inch-Corvus-Claive-Figure- Marvel-Legends-Series-6-inch-Night-Thrasher-Figure-Spider-Man-Wave-1 Marvel-Legends-Series-6-inch-Supreme-Leader-Arnim-Zola-2-Pack Marvel-Legends-Series-6-inch-Kraven-Spider-Man-2-Pack Beta Ray Bill Marvel Legends Caliban Marvel Legends Forge Marvel Legends

New Posters seen at New York Comic Con 2018 news

Are posters images New York Comic Con 2018 news? I don’t know but they sure as heck look cool.

Guardians NYCC 2018 Black Panther NYCC 2018 Avengers Infinity War NYCC 2018 Hellboy NYCC 2018 Daredevil NYCC 2018

Lest we forget here is the Spider-Man NYCC Into the Spider-Verse trailer

Don’t forget to check out the New York Comic Con website

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