James Gunn’s  DC Suicide Squad might be completely rebooted

Suicide Squad 2 to be “a completely fresh take” James Gunn’s Suicide Squad could be a complete reboot. With the revelation that exiled Disney director James Gunn is talking to Warner and DC, it’s old news that Gunn will at the very least be writing Suicide Squad 2 – and that he’s working on a “completely new vision” of the franchise.

Warner Bros excitedly announced the news that Gunn had been hired so they clearly have plans to make him happy and provide creative control. Heck even Dave Bautista aka Drax the Destroyer wants in on Suicide Squad.

With so much time and publicity invested in the Joker, Harley Quinn, a totally new Suicide Squad cast seems far fetched – considering Margot Robbie’s Birds Of Prey is already in pre-production, not to mention that bonkers sounding Joker/Quinn movie.

More updates as soon as we get them.

Sourced through : www.denofgeek.com

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