The Rise and Rise of Comic Book Heroes in the Mainstream

The Rise and Rise of Comic Book Heroes in the Mainstream

Comic Book Heroes – The accessibility of comic heroes in recent years is something that it’s absolutely impossible to ignore. With all of the new ways that these heroes are being pushed out to new generations, it’s not difficult to see why there’s been a sudden resurgence. Whether you’re a movie buff or a Netflix binger, the stars of some of the world’s best comic books are coming to life in the digital age. Then, once people’s attention is well and truly captured, the path is clear for new and exciting characters and adaptations.

Comic Book Heroes

While some people may wish to gatekeep – a word that’s here used to describe long-time fans’ reluctance to accept new fans – this is actually a terrible idea. The more people who understand the weird and wonderful world of comic books, the better and more represented we can continue to be.

At the Movies


In the 21st century, the popularity of comic books correlates directly to their appearance across other mediums in popular culture. For example, in 2016, the comic book industry itself saw its best performance in twenty years. The spike in sales linked directly to big blockbusters, where cinema goers became curious about the big-bucks movies they were seeing and craved more.

Comic Book Heroes

Over the past few years, some of the highest-grossing films have been in either the Marvel or DC universes. Marvel in particular has offered the biggest box office smashes. Black Panther, a movie commended for its cultural impact on the black community, and The Avengers – Infinity War, have far and away beaten all other films, showing that comic book movies are providing all of the action and drama people need.

In Games

Video games linked to comic book franchises are nothing new, but they’ve branched out in recent years to hit new markets that had previously remained untapped. In casino gaming, for example, comic book heroes are huge. Lots of people love to gamble and play casino games online, but they often want something that’s themed to catch their attention. Sadly, Playtech withdrew its Marvel slot in 2017, but you can find many other superhero themed casino games online. You can click here to see a comprehensive list of many popular online casinos, where you’ll still be able to find superhero slots – for example, Wonder Woman from DC.

Comic Book Heroes

Of course, with the rise of mobile gaming, plenty of superhero-themed games have piqued an interest in these franchises too. And as the world goes more digital, we’re excited to see where these franchises appear next.

On Netflix

In 2018, you don’t need to go to the cinema to get your comic book fix – nope, all you need is some kind of device and a few bucks a month. Netflix is responsible for some amazing made-for-TV but still nothing short of amazing shows featuring comic book heroes from the Marvel universe. Exploring diversity and complex back stories, the likes of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have captured hearts.

Comic Book Heroes

Somewhat more surprising is the popularity of Netflix Original series Riverdale. On the surface, it seems like yet another teen drama, but it’s actually using characters from the classic Archie comics adapted for millennial audiences and Gen Z. It deals with high school issues, alongside a healthy undercurrent of gang warfare, murder and “whodunnit” style mystery.

No matter how you got into comic book heroes, it looks like they’re more popular than ever and are absolutely here to stay.

Comic Book Heroes

Above Image of Archie Comics in Nov 2018.


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