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Cinema Marketers Can Effortlessly Send Personalised Campaigns

Cinema Marketers Can Now Effortlessly Send Personalised Campaigns On A Scale Never Seen Before

Movio’s Dynamic Content enables cinema marketers to send a unique email to individual members in under 15 minutes

31st October 2018, Auckland, NZ – The launch of Movio’s Dynamic Content tool allows cinema marketers to achieve effortless campaign personalisation, in a matter of minutes, on a scale never possible before. The recent innovation, which uses moviegoers’ past viewing habits to generate hyper-personalised audience campaigns, enables marketers to send 5,000+ unique email combinations in just 15 minutes*.

Working with leading global cinema exhibitors to Beta test the product, Movio is making the campaign process effortless for the marketer but super personalised for the recipient.

movioUsing a combination of Movio’s advanced machine learning tools, Movie Insights and Audience Insights, Dynamic Content identifies each members highest propensity from a choice of movies and then automatically inserts those recommended movies into an email campaign in the ideal order. By inputting four recommended movies into a single email campaign from a list of ten current and upcoming titles, marketers can generate 5,000+ email combinations. This is a level of personalisation that even the largest marketing teams could not achieve manually.

Matthew Liebmann, Global President, Movio Cinema says, ‘’Dynamic Content is the first tool of its type developed specifically for the global cinema industry. Independent research has proven that personalised emails can drive 18x more revenue for marketing teams** and Movio’s suite of email campaign tools, comprising of Dynamic Content, Conditional Content and markers means that our clients are sending their moviegoers uniquely-personalised emails in a matter of minutes.”  

Each day, Movio profiles every single moviegoer for each of its cinema clients, assessing each person’s historic behaviour and the behaviour of people like them to calculate the movie each is most likely to watch.

Mr. Liebmann adds, “Movio’s mission is to empower the cinema industry to connect each moviegoer with their ideal movie and encourage incremental visitation and spend. We hope this will motivate the sort of magical experience that makes moviegoers want to repeat the whole process as frequently as possible. Dynamic Content delivers on our purpose to a level of precision never before available to cinema exhibitors, and it delivers it faster and more effortlessly than any alternative.”

About Movio

Movio is the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management solutions, revolutionising the way the film industry interacts with moviegoers. With a global database of over 100 million moviegoers, 750 million behavioural and transactional records and more than 5,000 movie titles, Movio supports the world’s most comprehensive source of moviegoer data. The company’s investment in data science and machine learning has produced market-leading technologies that redefine the possibilities of movie marketing. Movio empowers marketers to connect moviegoers with their ideal movie via online and offline channels, and link campaign data with actual ticket purchases to close the loop and measure campaign effectiveness. Movio is a company of Vista Group International Ltd (NZX & ASX: VGL).

Source: https://movio.co

Source: https://www.growthhakka.co.uk/2018/11/07/cinema-marketers-can-now-effortlessly-send-personalised-campaigns/




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