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Captain Marvel Trailer Two is here people. Its Awesome I’m sure you will agree. So much to talk about. We get a hint of Carol Danvers’s power levels in this trailer. I understand that everybody has a different opinion about this, but it’s undeniable that she is amazingly powerful and seems to have a real strength.

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How she got her powers, how despite being from Earth she is now referred to as a Kree. A race of “Noble Warrior Heroes”. One suspects, by the end of the movie Carol may not so readily agree to the Noble tag. Some folks are saying “After watching Avengers: Infinity War, Every movie or trailer seems dull… Standard has been raised”, but I disagree its an amazing trailer.

I love Captain Marvel’s cowl and suit because Brie Larson felt like a Superhero in that with a Mohawk in Captain Marvel Trailer Two. Who noticed Ronan the Accuser in there? We certainly get to see a lot more of the Skrulls. Jude Law’s role is still unclear. Nick Fury is back which is cool and he has two eyes.

The scene with the Skrull old lady is clearly the beginning of Captain Marvel Trailer Two and around when Nick Fury will pick her up. The space battle sequence is awesome. As mentioned if you blink you will miss Ronan. Its hard to tell how big a role Ronan will play. Of course nothing is revealed on how this connects to Avengers 4. Will we see other Avengers in the movie I wonder? Will Ant-Man be in the post credits scene? I have a hunch that the post Avengers 4 Avengers team will consist of Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Wasp, Vision and Spider-Man. bit like the line up of the Avengers cartoon, Secret Wars. And I wonder if Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will make a cameo? Or is it too soon?

Lot of talk about who is the most powerful Avenger  Captain Marvel? Thor? Dr. Strange?. Also more on Captain Marvel Trailer Two on the Marvel website.

Finally if you want to relive the 1st Captain Marvel Trailer .


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