Spoiler Alert: Scientists Have Predicted Who Will Die In Game Of Thrones Final Season

Who Will Die In Game Of Thrones Final Season? Do you have an idea? Can you predict? WinterisComing.net did the odds on who would kark it some months ago.

But now the real experts are getting in on the act of predicting who will die.

Remember when Cersei Lannister spoke the immortal words, you can either win or die. According to the Injury Epidemiology journal, how, when, why a characters dies could depend upon said character’s socioeconomic position.

Who Will Die In Game Of Thrones and what constitutes a character leaving earth in GOT?? Is there a pattern?We’re still gutted about Ned Stark, not fully over it. Red Wedding will never be forgotten. And Hodor. When Hodor died our hearts were broken into tiny little pieces.

Who Will Die In Game Of Thrones

So to answer the question , the boffins sat down in front of their tellys and literally recorded data and information on over 330 characters. Data points included things like the social status of the character and their religious indoctrination. They used international classification codes to record each reason and circumstance of their end.

The study author Reidar Lystad who happens to be an injury epidemiologist said “We all know the risk of death is ridiculously high amongst the characters in Game of Thrones”. Almost every episode you are on tenterhooks as to who might die. Jon Snow seemingly died and then came back just to add to the emotional roller-coaster. More than 50% of the characters had died by the end of season seven. He went on to say, “186 out of the 330 characters we included in this study – with seriously violent deaths being the most common by far”.

Key indicators to Who Will Die In Game Of Thrones, suggest that Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons could be in for a tough time. Apparently characters whom are most likely to survive where people who had changed sides at least one time.

Essentially, staying true to your principles and who you are won’t work out well for you.

Strong females were more likely to survive in comparison to male equivalents. Highborn characters, aka the double crossing shamed queen of Westeros, a certain Cersei Lannister, may well be in big doo doo.

Tyrion and Jon who went down on one knee for the Dragon Queen may be OK, referring back to our point of those who switched sides. Jaime Lannister who broke his ties with his sister could also survive.

One seventh of “main” characters karked it within the first hour of their introduction [how this makes them a main character np one knows]. Certain characters made it past 57 hours and one lasted a minute 11 seconds. 29 hours was average screen time. 75% of deaths were due to injuries sustained in battle. Decapitations, head and neck wounds were in there also. War, burns, poisonings, assault were the top 4 causes and only two deaths were from natural causes.

It’s all a bit fun and games as to Who Will Die In Game Of Thrones, lets hope the boffins are wrong! The folk at the journal also put together this handy infographic, click to enlarge.

Who Will Die In Game Of Thrones


Source: Ifuckinglovescience ….

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