World’s First Comic Book Hero with Autism Created by Man on Spectrum

Is there a Comic Book Hero with Autism ? There is now. The World’s First Comic Book Hero with Autism has been created by  a man on the Spectrum. Could the creator himself have an alter ego as Spectrum Man?

Alien invasions, Super humans, Mutants, intergalactic conflict, and fearless, world-saving leaders with extraordinary powers are the stuff of countless comic books. And with his new Face Value comics series, Dave Kot, a Pennsylvania-based mental health professional, has added another star to the vast comic cosmos. Although it has its share of sentient robots and laser beams, Face Value is unique: It is the first comic series to feature a starring character, named Michael, with autism. Working with an illustrator, Dave designed a comic book series to help change the public perception of autism–and to help young people with autism better perceive the world around them.

The story created by Dave Kot that features a a Comic Book Hero with Autism, Face Value is a comic book centered around a hero named Michael as mentioned above but to clarify, his superpower is Autism itself!

Comic Book Hero with Autism

The comic has been very popular since it was made available, and fans like the superhero because they feel they can relate to Michael. Mr. Kot, who is on the spectrum himself, created the comic to raise awareness for autism and, in turn, promote acceptance.

The comic is more than that though. The comic also assists folks on the spectrum by showing the different facial expressions associated with various emotions. This can help them learn how OTHER people might react when they are feeling certain emotions, which can build empathy.

Watch the video to learn more about this fantastic comic! Watch the video until the end you’ have to hear about the email he got from a fan, a mother of a nonverbal child on the Autistic spectrum. It is very feelgood and heartwarming!

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